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(apr '00) Money Train
There have been an interesting development in the all-too-talked about Senate race between Hizzoner and HRC. While many put their money on Hillary, both literally and figuratively, it now seems that Mayor Giuliani is raising the big bucks. In the latest reporting period, from January 1 to March 31, the Mayor raised $7 million, while Mrs. Clinton raised only $4 million. These recent figures confirm that the price tag for the race is rapidly spiraling out of control. The Mayor has raised a total $19 million during the course of his "campaign" (though of course, he has yet to declare his candidacy) already surpassing the amount Sen. Schumer raised for his Senate contest in 1998 against Al DĂ•Amato. Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, is hovering around $12 million, less than half the $25 million Clinton advisers had targeted as a fundraising goal. Should the Mrs. Clinton continue to lag behind in fundraising, her campaign may face serious trouble, despite what her staff asserts.

DZjˆ Vu
Rick Lazio has announced that he will reconsider a bid for the US Senate. Lazio, a Republican Congressman representing Long Island, feels that Giuliani's slippage in the polls is an indication of future disaster. Lazio feels that he has more universal appeal to the voters of New York and therefore would be more successful in a race against Mrs. Clinton. The State Republican Party and Governor Pataki remain supportive of Giuliani.

Jessica Sounds Off:

While James Brady's recent op-ed in Crain's New York Business includes many objectionable digressions, his main message, urging Senator Moynihan to run for re-election, is a welcome relief from the usual Rudy vs. Hillary sparring. Brady notes, "there were better candidates on the ballot in Russia last week." He's right. After a prolific career in politics, and a quarter century in the Senate, Sen. Moynihan will hardly consider Brady's request. But for the sake of New York politics, we wish he would.

Susan Reefer is a Republican pollster and media strategist. She is based in New York City.

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