Safety Versus Convenience at DeWitt Clinton
September 21st, 2005

Students at DeWitt Clinton High School have voiced their opposition to the school’s newly installed metal detectors, saying that they are a hassle — especially since the long lines to get into the school now mean that no one can leave campus at lunch. After 1,500 students marched to the office of the Department of Education on Monday, department officials agreed to a meeting to discuss their concerns.

The New York Post agreed that the school should do something to limit the inconvenience, but agrees with the idea of having metal detectors. “In the long term, the city needs to find ways to reduce violence — perhaps by increasing the police presence in schools,” writes the New York Post. “Until then, detectors are a must.”

Gothamist’s message board, meanwhile, was filled with a range of opinions on those involved — praising the students’ initiative, blasting the students for being spoiled, reminiscing about the days when children were respectful, insulting the teachers union, and so on.

This morning, a New York Times article described the event as “a lesson in modern-day democracy“; but Gothamist thinks the lesson will actually be about how to develop a healthy sense of cynicism: The blog “expects students will soon learn that the Department of Education is very good at listening but maybe not so good at doing.”

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2 Responses to “Safety Versus Convenience at DeWitt Clinton”

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  2. Gotham Gazette - The Wonkster » Blog Archive » Students Against Scanning Says:
    May 25th, 2006 at 7:09 pm

    […] Charging that such security moves make students feel like criminals, the young people delivered thousands of postcards addressed to city officials and signed by kids in almost 200 public schools protesting the safety measures. The message urges the Department of Education to include youth voice and experience in formulating security policies. We hope the chancellor and mayor will see how important this is to us and how they should include youth in decision-making, Elisabeth Ortega, a student at DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, said. […]

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