Advice: Hit Bloomberg On Education
September 23rd, 2005

In his latest column, political consultant Joseph Mercurio (the one who got fired by Virginia Fields) advises Ferrer in effect to hit Bloomberg on education. He points to the results of a recent poll, showing that 66 percent of New York voters (74 percent of black NY voters) are dissatisfied with the state of NYC’s schools. “Though voters feel the schools have gotten better over time, this seems to be due solely to Team Bloomberg’s ability to frame the issues around education in better language, not actual better performance Voters are overwhelmingly not satisfied with the performance of the administration on school issues. Now the Democrat has to take that opening and gain control of the debate to close the spread between now and Election Day.”

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One Response to “Advice: Hit Bloomberg On Education”

  1. Jack M Says:
    September 23rd, 2005 at 2:02 pm

    The Voice wrote a good speech for Freddy. Here

    It’s clear Bloomberg has a Bush problem. He is also seen as out of touch on outer-Borough issues. Tie them together.

    eg. “Bush doesn’t care what happens to the people of the Deep South, and Bloomberg doesn’t care what happens to the people of the South Bronx or Queens.

    I think “community” is the key for Ferrer. On Community issues, Bloomberg is wholly Republican: Here

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