Bloomberg On Top of the World
September 23rd, 2005

Mayor Bloomberg on WTCA piece of Bloomberg campaign literature with a photo-shopped image of the mayor atop the World Trade Center produced the lead story in the Metro section of the New York Times and plenty of outrage from the Democrats, who called on Mayor Bloomberg to “apologize for his campaign’s outrageous tactics.”

But in contrast to the campaign photo flap involving Democratic candidate C. Virginia Fields, which produced an intense reaction for more than a week, initial reaction to Bloomberg’s doctored photo – at least on New York City’s blogs – was subdued.

Gothamist, which all wrote about the C. Virginia Fields incident several times, including an entry entitled Photoshop Fun for Fields, did not even mention the story.

Newsday’s political blog, which included the Field’s flap in its 05 Gaffe Guide opted to write about David Dinkins’ endorsement of Fernando Ferrer rather than Bloomberg’s towering image.

And even when prompted by its readers, the New York Observer’s Politicker (which indulged in a lengthy entry about a Monica Lewinsky-inspired musical) wrote cryptically; “A couple of people wrote comments or emailed to ask if The Politicker would be ‘addressing’ the Times flyer story today. Basically, the answer is that I tend not to post if I don’t have something new to add.”

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One Response to “Bloomberg On Top of the World”

  1. Lynn S. McGuinn Says:
    September 25th, 2005 at 2:02 pm

    Patrick Healey’s well-wriiten article “Bloomberg on Top of the World…” includes a read between the lines sentiment-even Mayor Bloomberg misses the Twin Towers. The real question is, if he could push for their symbolic strength subliminally in his re-election campaign, why didn’t he just initially push for their rebuild after their collapse? The Twin Towers were always the marvel of the WTC. Why do the Mayor and the Governor believe otherwise? To rebuild Ground Zero without new Twin Towers only increases political folly while contradicitng popular opinion for a Towers rebuild substantiated in polls since 2002. How long do we have to wait until “they” finally get the big A-HA? Sooner than later would be nice.

    Compiled by Lynn

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