Responding to the Demise of the Freedom Center
September 29th, 2005

The newspaper editorial pages offer a range of views on Governor George Pataki’s decision to cancel plans to build the International Freedom Center at the World Trade Center site.

The New York Post is full of praise. “Pataki put the International Freedom Center out of its misery yesterday, ” the editorial page writes. “Good for him.”

The Daily News, however, blames the governor for the “monumental mess” of Ground Zero. “Four years after 9/11, he doesn’t have a clue, and no one else does, as to the future of America’s sacred ground.”

The New York Sun expresses its “sadness” at the news. “While the center was at times naive or clumsy in its execution or presentation, it was admirably idealistic in its goal – a goal shared by President Bush and by so many Americans who hung flags after the attack – of making September 11, 2001, about more than just death and destruction, but about renewed patriotism and commitment to the freedom attacked on that day.”

And The New York Times’ David Dunlap wonders if the controversy over the Freedom Center has the potential to unmake everything at Ground Zero. “If ground zero is too hallowed for a freedom museum, how much longer will a performing arts center be considered appropriate? Or a million square feet of retail space? Or four office towers? Especially if one of them is named Freedom.”

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