Freedom Center Postmortem -- "a profound fear of free speech."
September 30th, 2005

An editorial in The New York Times bitterly regrets that Governor George Pataki killed the Freedom Center , despite his earlier support. “Nor does it seem to have mattered that the protest against the Freedom Center – or, more truthfully, against any cultural presence at the World Trade Center site – was based on false information and a profound fear of free speech.”

A news analysis on the arts page of the Times looks back at the controversy, and holds little hope for the other cultural components of the World Trade Center site. Robin Pogrebin’s first sentence: “It’s not easy to pinpoint the day culture died at ground zero.”

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One Response to “Freedom Center Postmortem -- "a profound fear of free speech."”

  1. michael burke Says:
    October 3rd, 2005 at 9:53 am

    The IFC represented a profound sense of hubris and a profound refusal to let the history of 9/11 speak freely for itself at the site that it happened. The founders of the IFC had no intent of “complimenting” the events of 9/11; they wanted to replace the truths revealed there with their opinions and their hand picked intellectuals. The proof of this was their refusal of not only a spot across the street from ground zero but even anywhere else in ground zero, except for exactly in the middle of where the WTC stood. That is not a compliment – that is a utter lack of regard for what happened 9/11. The towers collapsed and their vision was – their truth would rise from it. Everyone else responded to 9/11 with humilty – they did with pride. Disgraceful.

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