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Teachers Battle
October 10th, 2005

The war over the proposed new teachers’ contract continues. In an op-ed in the Daily News , teachers union president Randi Weingarten urged her members to vote yes for a contract that she said hikes pay and preserves teacher rights. But Weingarten expressed concern this weekend that teachers might not approve the deal — and she blamed Schools Chancellor Joel Klein for kissing her after the accord was reached — a peck caught on camera and widely reprinted — and for what she called “gloating” on a blog (apparently The Politicker) that the proposed pact changed teacher work rules

Some blog comments fuel her worry. “The more teachers learn about the contract agreement, the less they like about it,” wrote Reality-Based Educator. “Many real working teachers who teach five periods a day and grade papers and write lesson plans and work their professional duties hate this contract.” An Educational Voyage complained about increased work hours, the size of the raise and loss of seniority rights, while The Delegates Chair offered a petition for those who want to reject the contract, commenting, “Randi claims to be a great negotiator. She is…for the city.”

But the blogosphere has its contract supporters too, some of whom appear on Edwize, the UFT blog. One comment said the new accord would improve the pension system, while Maisie saw more strengths than weaknesses. “What does this contract do, if anything, to change the miserable climate in the schools? … I think it helps,” she wrote. “No contract can assure respect, but this one may be able to set conditions towards it.”

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One Response to “Teachers Battle”

  1. NYC Educator Says:
    October 12th, 2005 at 3:52 pm

    Edwize is run by the UFT, the leaders of which have a vested interest in passing this contract. Their front page is open only to those who support it, while thousands of members who do not are represented only in the comments section.

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