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Finding Fault Over Subway False Alarm
October 12th, 2005

Editorial writers in four of the city’s metropolitan newspapers all defend Michael Bloomberg today against critics of his response to the false alarm of a subway attack last week.
“Let’s face it: The threat was real enough for the military to launch an operation in Iraq, to arrest three suspects and conduct interrogations and polygraph tests,” writes
the New York Post
. “Did Mayor Bloomberg overreact? Maybe.” But New Yorkers will give him “the benefit of the doubt.”

Both the Post and the
New York Sun criticize Democratic mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer and his supporters for “questioning Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly’s decision last week to increase security” and for implying that it was politics that determined the timing of the subway alert, shortly before the Harlem debate the mayor was skipping.

Michael Goodwin of the Daily News , while pointing to “flaws” in the performance of Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, finds fault in the handling of this incident somewhere else — the Bush Administration, “which passed on the threat to New York” but then undermined Bloomberg by “saying the report was of ‘doubtful credibility.’.. The next day, Bush actually claimed this was the way the system was supposed to work. ‘Our job is to gather intelligence and pass it on to local authorities. And they make the judgments necessary to respond’There you have it – the gazillions we spend on security only pay for bureaucrats to push paper. Whatever happens after that, it’s not their problem. This is nuts.”

The Times has similar criticisms.
“What bothers us is that this alert showed that the antiterrorism operations for this huge and vital city are hardly the seamless affair we were promised after 9/11,” the Times writes. “The Homeland Security Department was scoffing about the alert – on background, of course – minutes after it was announced. It’s been pretty clear that the department was enjoying the behind-the-scenes chance to make a local police force that prides itself on its expertise and independence look amateurish. Meanwhile, a number of big cities have chafed at what some officials claim is a failure of the Homeland Security Department to share information speedily, and some make it clear that they believe the top urban police departments could do a better job of coordinating intelligence on their own. This territorial politics and press spin is not how things should be four years after the 9/11 attacks.”

By on October 12, 2005, 7:56 am
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One Response to “Finding Fault Over Subway False Alarm”

  1. CXB Says:
    October 12th, 2005 at 5:56 pm

    We’ve known for a hundred years that MEDIA is usually the Leni Reifenstahl of American politics.

    The only issue now, is WHAT are New Yorkers going to do about it?

    Remember: media is the most corrupt force on earth, hands down.

    EX: no Big Business or Govt can get away with ANY crimes if the media TELLS THE TRUTH about them.

    EX: If MEDIA had told the truth, Bush, Bloomberg, & Pataki wouldn’t even be in office and we would’ve saved over a trillion tax dollars and tens of thousands of lives in Iraq (when all is said and done).

    MEDIA is the Doctor Frankenstein, and the monsters they create can barely be blamed.

    The GOVT did nothing to hinder my reform campaign for the Democratic Primary.

    They let me on the ballot, in the Voter Guide, and in the Video Voter Guide.

    It was the MEDIA who did everything in their power to censor my populist reform candidacy, thru every dirty trick in the book.

    And no one can doubt this now, as the results PROVED that I could’ve hit the 1% Ognibene got in polls that allowed him in MOST debates but banned me from most debates. (Steve Shaw polled at 0% and the entire media said he was a more popular candidate than me!)

    Until you people stand up to corrupt media, everything else is moot.

    Your democracy is dying and you sit there and do nothing.

    Reminds me of the jews in Germany.

    (How’d that work out for them?)

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