Weld -- for What It's Worth
May 24th, 2006

The Daily News today takes sides in the contest for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, urging party leaders to select former Massachusetts Governor William Weld as their candidate for November. The editorial praises Welds accomplishments as governor of the neighboring state and hails him for falling into the proud tradition of New York Republicans who part company with the narrow-minded tendencies of the national GOP. Fiscally conservative and socially moderate, with broad experience and ample personal charm, the News says, Weld is the GOP’s best hope to head off a Democratic tsunami in November.

But that could be Republican wishful thinking, according to another News writer, Michael Goodwin. While not taking sides in the contest between Weld and the other republican hopeful, John Faso, Goodwin says, If the race for governor of New York were a boxing match, the referee would be stopping it about now. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is pummeling his opponents so badly they are in danger of being killed.

Since Spitzer is in such an enviable position Goodwin urges him to drop his guard for a round and speak candidly about the state’s problems — especially the ones that lead to high spending, high borrowing and high taxes

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