Blackout: Incompetence, Indifference, and Dishonesty
July 21st, 2006

The blackout in Astoria is attracting more and more attention. It had been going on for three days before the mayor visited the area. Now reports estimate that the outages are affecting up to 100,000 residents of Astoria and other parts of Western Queens, not 1,900 as Con Edison has been saying. The sudden change in the reported facts, the paper writes, is another indication of Con Edison’s tendency to bend inconvenient truths:

“Forgive our cynicism, but Con Ed has developed a track record for short-circuiting the truth when the truth is embarrassing,” it writes. “It is unacceptable that so many people have been without power for so long. It is unacceptable that subway service had to be cut. It is unacceptable that businesses are closed, and food is rotting in homes, groceries and restaurants, and traffic signals are out, and people in high-rises are trapped, and many have no water.”

Resident bloggers also seem shocked and angry at what they say as Con Edison and the mayor’s incompetence and indifference.

“Tuesday was the hottest day of the year in NYC, and so [a blackout] can be expected,” wrote one Queens resident who still has no power. “What cannot be expected is the length of time is has taken to get the power back on and the massive incompetence of the NYC mayor’s office and the folks at the utility monopoly Con Edison.”

“I can’t help but feel neglected,” wrote another.

One blogger simply apologized for not posting much lately, pointing out that there is no power at his house.

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