Suozzi vs. Spitzer
July 26th, 2006

The day after what will probably be the only televised debate between Democratic gubernatorial candidates Eliot Spitzer and Tom Suozzi the consensus among bloggers and others seems to be “good, Tom, but not good enough.”

“No knockout blows were landed,” said Empire Zone, echoing what has been the cliche of the day. Or as Elizabeth Benjamin put it in Capitol Confidential, “The post-debate consensus seems to be that Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi performed well last night – but not well enough to make a serious dent in AG Eliot Spitzer and change the course of this race.”

But there were, the Politicker notes, “genuine and not-insignificant differences on substance between the candidates on a number of issues, including – to name three more or less at random — medical marijuana, the amount of state money for city public schools and the next leader of the MTA.”

Following the debate, Suozzi picked up on the school funding issue. In a statement, the campaign said Suozzi was the “only candidate” (out of two) who “offered specific and credible numbers and plans for settling the [Campaign for Fiscal Equity] decision and fairly funding New York City’s schools, while Spitzer “made up a CFE number on the fly.”

Probably not surprisingly, it was the marijuana issue that caught Wonkette’s attention . Responding to Spitzer’s answer that he was against the use of medical marijuana but had smoked pot himself, the blog commented, “He’ll smoke it, but he won’t let you smoke it if you have tumors. What the hell next? Is he going to start insider trading?”

Empire Zone noted that the two men also had a differing approach to the blackout in Queens. Suozzi, it said, become “only the second politician, as far as we can tell, who is not already prepared to send Con Ed’s chairman, Kevin Burke, to the gallows.

But Gothamist may have summed it up best: “The Democratic primary is on September 12. Spitzer is leading Suozzi, 78 percent to 9 percent, but it doesn’t hurt to know about both candidates.”

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