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Moving Toward 2030
February 7th, 2007

With slides, ad supplements in newspapers and other hoopla, Mayor Michael Bloomberg in December rolled out a plan for New York in 2030 one that would accommodate a million more people But the plan got only scant mention in Bloomberg’s State of the City address, and in his proposed budget for next year.

But there may be some movement. As Tom Angotti writes in Gotham Gazette, the mayors office has launched a series of meetings in communities around the city to discuss the plan. Streetsblog reports that New York New Visions, the architects and planners who organized to weigh in on Ground Zero rebuilding, have announced they want to take up this challenge. And on Monday, Rohit Aggarwala, the management consultant Bloomberg has put in charge of the project, laid out PlaNYC (thats what the city apparently calls it) goals which, as Streetsblog puts it, are a laundry list of urban niceties that it should be hard for anyone to disagree with: more housing, parks within a 10-minute walk for all residents, a well-maintained transportation grid, cleaner air and land and water.

But that doesnt mean it will be easy to make such amenities a reality. Those attending Mondays meeting raised many concerns, and Streetsblog lists some of them: Will new residents…really bring jobs with them, as Aggarwala asserted? If the city swells to 9 million people, what happens to the surrounding suburbs? And while the ‘GreeNYC’ portion of the plan sets a laudable goal of cutting city carbon emissions by 30 people (and cleaning up pollution), there’s little else about preparing for what’s likely to be a radically altered climate 23 years hence.

And, if the plan somehow manages to address all that (and even does something about traffic congestion, which the outgoing transportation commissioner does not think even exists), what is to ensure it will become reality? Amy Zimmer reports in Metro today that the Lindsay administration put out a five volume long-range plan for New York City in 1969. Much of it was never implemented.

The Bloomberg administration hopes it can do better by building support for our plan so public demand carries it forward, spokesman John Gallagher told Zimmer. While you cant guarantee anything about what the next administration will do, we plan to work to set many of the solutions in motion before we leave… so that future administrations will need to demonstrate progress.

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