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May 21st, 2007

Surveying record prices for artworks and condominiums, a booming stock market, low unemployment and budget surpluses, the Sun gets giddy. The wealth and energy of the city at this moment has a way of benefiting all New Yorkers, infusing the city with a vibrancy and dynamism and sense of optimism that is becoming its trademark, its editorial crows.

Well maybe not everyone. In its city editorial this week, the Times notes that the men and women of the citys police department continue to collect the stingiest paycheck around, with recruits making a mere $25,100. The editorial urges the police union and the Bloomberg administration to stop whining and finally fix police pay before the city pays a higher price from falling morale and force strength.

And surprise the Post goes after Governor Eliot Spitzer, this time for wanting businesses to have insurance to cover paid family leave for workers. Not only is this another tax on the beleaguered private sector in the Posts view, but it serves as an indication that Spitzer wants New York to resemble France. Non, non, non, cher Eliot!

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One Response to “What They're Saying”

  1. Darrell Baker Says:
    June 2nd, 2007 at 9:53 am

    what is the percentage of policeman that have committed misdemenor and felony crimes ion new yorkl city?

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