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Quinn Endorses PlaNYC
June 18th, 2007

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn joined other New York City officials today in endorsing Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PlaNYC and gave a nod to the sweeping environmental initiative’s most controversial element: congestion pricing.

Saying she supported PlaNYC “in its entirety,” Quinn explained she had held off endorsing the 127-part proposal until her concerns were addressed.

Quinn, flanked by representatives of myriad environmental groups at Hudson River Park, said she was discussing several initiatives with the Bloomberg administration and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to ensure the plan was implemented “as smoothly and fairly as possible.” Among the elements she is highlighting is the creation of a regional transit pass for those connecting between different modes of transportation, such as from the Long Island Rail Road to the subway.

Just as the speaker was handing out her support, accounts emerged that a compromise in Albany over congestion pricing is on the horizon. Some state legislators have been cautious to endorse the plan, stating it would adversely affect residents in the outer boroughs by turning neighborhoods into parking lots and that the city wants too much control over funding.

Now, a Republican-backed bill has been introduced in the Senate that would give the state more oversight on funding and end the congestion program after three years.

Quinn joined many other New York politicians who have endorsed the plan, including Governor Elliot Spitzer, Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion and Assemblymember Jose Rivera. But, of course, it is not without its opponents. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, among others, has expressed extreme doubts about the idea.

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2 Responses to “Quinn Endorses PlaNYC”

  1. Leroy Rivers Says:
    August 7th, 2007 at 2:43 pm

    I am for the total elimination of personal cars comming on the island of Manhattan. I think only business vehicles should be allowed to enter. This city is built on Public Transportation and should be the main means of transportation available, for many reasons. The island of manhattan could undergo serious underground problems if this ban on cars in the city was enforced. No one would be that deprived of constitutional rights were taken if this was to happen. Just think about it major construction on bridges and roads, both under and above ground could be put underway. I think the city is due for a major overhaul anyway and applying this restriction on all personal vehicles is a mastermind and gutsy move. It will pay off big time in the long run in preserving our island of Manhattan.

  2. Leroy Rivers Says:
    August 7th, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    I think the roads and bridges could get some serious attention if we would ban all personal cars from entering the city period. Maybe the only real problem would be late at night, but who the hell should be in the street that late anyway up to no good. Mass Transportation would get the extra income needed and our street could undergo serious overhauls and repairs both under and above ground. Only allow business vehicles to operate on the road in Manhattan it would preserve our land emencely and provide in other way that are not even yet forseeable.

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