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Parking Paradox
January 15th, 2008

Parking placards aside, the Bloomberg administration has a dual personality when it comes to cars. It talks the talk of wanting to get rid of them but, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, instead of walking the walk, it all too often drives - and parks.

Atlantic Yards Reports took note of this before Christmas when it wrote, “Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s much-praised PlaNYC 2030 contains a glaring omission, a failure to address the antiquated anti-urban policy that mandates parking attached to new residential developments outside Manhattan, even when such developments, like Atlantic Yards, are justified precisely because they’re located near transit hubs.”

And not only outside Manhattan. The city reportedly wants some 20,000 new parking spaces on the far West Side and has gone to court to get them.

Then theres reports that Bronx residents fear that lots and garages for the new stadium, rather than being used during ballgames, could become permanent park and rides, bringing more cars to an area already plagued by high asthma rates.

Reviewing the complicated deal for the new Yankee Stadium, the Daily News Juan Gonzalez found more parking goodies - at the citys expense. “The Yankees and hundreds of their VIPs will get free valet parking for the next 40 years, courtesy of New York taxpayers,” Gonzalez reported. And, he continued, “the total cost of the parking expansion project has zoomed to $340 million — $80 million more than city officials announced only eight months ago.”

One result of all this, observes Streetsblog “is an influx of cars essentially legislated into neighborhoods that don’t want them, even as the city preaches the virtues of sustainable growth. From that perspective, the hiring of [Transportation] Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and other planning dream-teamers can seem less a sign of hope than another symptom of the city’s schizophrenic approach to urban mobility.”

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