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So Long Spitz
March 12th, 2008

With a seemingly distraught Silda Wall Spitzer at his side, Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned today a little over 14 months after he took the state’s top executive office.

His resignation is effective Monday — a date Spitzer said was chosen at the request of Lt. Gov. David Paterson, who will be taking over the executive post.

“I look at my time in office with a sense of what might have been, but I also know that as a public servant, I, along with the remarkable people with whom I’ve worked, accomplished a great deal,” said the soon-to-be former governor this morning. “There is much more to be done, and I cannot let my private failings disrupt the people’s work.

The governor delivered a brief statement at his tightly packed Manhattan office, taking no questions and touching the small of his wife’s back as the two abruptly exited the room — and New York politics.

According to the Times, this is the first time in nearly a century a governor has been forced out of office in New York State.

Spitzer — who had tapped into the reform-minded hearts of the state’s good government groups and tantalized the animosity of Wall Street tycoons — is leaving the state a legacy reminiscent of Jekyll and Hyde. Having tackled prostitution rings while attorney general and spearheaded legislation targeting Johns and the sex trade as governor, his illicit trysts with prostitutes have ironically decimated his potential and — what once was — bright future.

Citizens, politicians and advocates alike will continue to reel and spin in Spitzer’s fallout for weeks, if not years, to come.

By on March 12, 2008, 11:30 am
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One Response to “So Long Spitz”

  1. GRAHAMS Says:
    March 12th, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    (I am a happily married father of four and this is my two cents.)
    Ms. Silda Wall should have reared back and punched this piece of crap square in the jaw right in the middle of his “I’m sorry I got caught” speech. If he was sorry, he would have been sorry 24 hours before he got caught. This woman has been living the life that every little girl dreams of…the status, the friends, the stuff, the dream….and Mr. ‘I need some stranger to make me complete’ goes and blows everything up right in his wife’s face…What a low-life piece of scum….regardless of his title, position, iq,wealth..etc…he’s nothin but a crack smokin piece of male garbage who allowed the ‘obsessions of the mind’ to overtake his thoughts. Period…
    He should be awarded a ‘gift castration’ from a doctor for this crime against NY, against the bar, against his wife, against his children and against his people.

    Thanks for listening.

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