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Bloomberg Asks for Special Sessions
July 15th, 2009

We are still waiting to hear whether Democrats will hold session today. A number of Democratic Senators told me they didn’t expect to have session today or tomorrow. Democrats are currently in conference.

In the meantime Mayor Michael Bloomberg has let his displeasure with the Senate’s inaction on mayoral control be known. He wants Gov. David Paterson to call the Senate back into session until they pass a school governance bill.

Sen. Kevin Parker said earlier that Senate Democrats now “have the upper hand,” regarding school governance negotiations.

He said that his constituents favor a return to a time before mayoral control and yet he is still willing to make concessions and negotiate around the Assembly’s school governance bill that would mostly retain Bloomberg’s power.

“I have made concessions but the mayor will not. He has refused to negotiate in good faith,” said Parker.

Here is a statement from Bloomberg’s office:

“The Senate leadership has assured the public, the Governor, and other elected officials that Assembly Bill 8903a would be brought to the floor for a vote today. It is deeply disconcerting that the Senate has so far failed to make good on that promise.”

“This carefully negotiated bill was informed not only by tremendous public input and our discussions with the Assembly, but also by months of discussions with the Senate earlier this year. After more than a month of delay, the time for a floor vote has arrived.”

“It would be wrong to hold the overall governance bill hostage to amendments that have not been the subject of public input, and which can be dealt with at a later date, after there has been time to consider and debate them.”

“The pledge by the Senate leadership to allow a floor vote on the bill should be honored, and we believe we have the votes in the Senate to pass it. And if the Senate fails to act today, were going to ask the Governor to keep them in Albany until they do.

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