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The Late Late Show
July 15th, 2009

The Senate managed to get something done today despite the chaos that saw the chamber paralyzed until late tonight. A number of judges were confirmed. Right now the Senate stands at ease and senators just gaveled in to extend session through midnight.

The judges who have now been confirmed had been waiting since 1 p.m. for senators to pull themselves into session. A number of Senators were openly embarrassed that they had left the judges and their families waiting for so long.

Embarrassment has become a constant for a number of Democratic senators who can’t believe the way their conference is being led. The Democrats seem paralyzed not only because they are operating under three leaders but because of racial tension and regionalism.

Democrats started session a little after 8 p.m. even though a number of their members had already gone home. A few Republicans had already checked in giving the Democrats the quorum they needed to start. Republicans showed up a few minutes later and they were not happy.

Sen. Andew Lanza told that chamber that Democrats hadn’t bothered to tell them when session was going to start.

A little later the Senate stood at ease so that negotiations over rules changes could continue. Discussions are ongoing about making it easier for senators to put forward their own bills among other reforms. Democrats continue to charge that Republicans are only interested in equalizing member items.

A number of Democrats note that Republican districts enjoyed massive amounts of pork for decades while Republicans were in the majority. Democrats feel they need to deliver significant funding to their districts at least once.

Sen. Liz Krueger is ready do away with the system completely. I get the sense that possibility is not actually being discussed this morning.

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