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Deputy Mayor Gets Attention From Monserrate (Updated)
July 17th, 2009

The Senate is about to take a vote on Sen. Kevin Parker’s “Better Schools Act.” The bill would drastically weaken the mayor’s control over schools. The vote is seen as Senate Democrats’ way of thumbing their noses at Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Parker gave a long speech that showcased a range of arguments including an appeal to those who might not care that much. “If you think its not that big of a deal then vote for the bill,” Parker said.

Parker has completed his plea for support and now his allies are chiming in.

Before getting into the meat of his argument for the bill Sen. Hiram Monserrate decided to give a shout out to Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott who has been at the Capitol advocating for his boss.

“I also wanna give a strong welcome to the deputy mayor. Thank you for being here,” Monserrate said. He then added, “Mayor, Dennis is working very hard to promote your agenda.”

Sen. Eric Adams then stood and said that this was not about “attacking” the mayor or the deputy mayor. Adams praised Walcott before admitting the “Better Schools Act” was not likely to pass.

Update: The “Better Schools Act” was just defeated by a vote of 40-15. A number of senators were not present for the vote. Republicans and Democrats voted against the measure. Democrats who voted ‘no’ included Sens. Liz Krueger, Eric Schneiderman and Malcolm Smith.

Adams insisted the vote was about making a point. Adams then slammed the press for being pro-mayoral control. He said reporters who were standing behind him were likely to attack him in their papers.

“When did we become an extension of city hall? asked Adams. “How dare him tell the governor you have to call them back until they pass this bill?” he asked referring to Bloomberg. “Are we not the Senate?”

Adams finished by appealing to Republicans for support. He asked them what they would do if their school districts were run like Bloomberg runs New York’s schools.

Sen. Shirley Huntley is now telling legislators about a recent trip she took to a school in Sen. Deank Skelos’s school district.

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