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Mayor Reviews Own Report
September 29th, 2009

In very typical Bloomberg administration fashion, the mayor released a review of his annual report, which reviews city agencies’ performances.

Only in the Bloomberg administration can they release a review of a review and make news.

Nonetheless, the Wonkster took a perusal. Within the plethora of measurements, which were divided into six categories, negatives are few and far between.

There are a few though. Here is the raw data:

Construction related incidents (New Category): 214 (FY06), 543 (FY09)
Construction related injuries (New Category): 87 (FY06), 233 (FY09)
Parks rated acceptable for overall condition: 85 percent (FY01), 87 percent (FY05), 82 percent (FY09)
Average time to resolve elevator complaints in public housing (hours): 9.6 (FY06), 11.4 (FY09)
Food service establishments that require reinspection: 13.9 percent (FY01), 17.5 percent (FY05), 24.3 percent (FY09)
Percent of active cash assistance caseload who are placed into jobs (New Category): 32 percent (FY01), 26 percent (FY05), 24 percent (FY09)
Children in substantiated investigations of abuse/neglect with repeat substantiated investigations within a year: 8.9 percent (FY01), 11.5 percent (FY05), 14.7 percent (FY09)
Children who re-enter foster care within a year of discharge to family: 8.6 percent (FY01), 8.7 percent (FY05), 14.1 percent (FY09)
Families placed in permanent housing who return to DHS shelters within a year: 2.70 percent (FY01), 1.00 percent (FY05), 3.30 percent (FY09)
Construction Jobs filed for New buildings: 5,047 (FY01), 7,602 (FY05), 3,039 (FY09)
Construction Jobs filed for Alteration I (major renovation): 6,083 (FY01), 8,185 (FY05), 4,924 (FY09)

The full document is below.

422-09 (MMR 8-Year Review)

By on September 29, 2009, 5:37 pm
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