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A Little Indy Comes to NYC (Update)
April 30th, 2010

OK, so he’s a Colts fan.

The Harvard prof and former Indianapolis mayor admits he doesn’t know enough about the Big Apple, but Stephen Goldsmith, the new deputy mayor for operations, says he is ready to take on the challenge.

Whether that means the reputable Republican will be leaving behind some of his politics, we don’t yet know.

Photo (cc) Det.Logan

For instance, in November the new deputy mayor donated $250 to Kansas Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s campaign for U.S. Senate. Yes, Tiahrt stands for Tiahrt amendment — the same amendment that prevented municipal police, like the NYPD, from accessing federal gun trace data. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaigned vigorously for the amendment’s repeal. (You can see video of Bloomberg denouncing the amendment here.)

In his new role at City Hall Goldsmith will oversee the police and fire departments. He will also be in charge of the transportation, sanitation, environmental protection and buildings departments.

Goldsmith, who served as chief domestic policy advisor to the George W. Bush campaign in 2000, helped spearhead the integration of faith based programs into the Bush policy agenda. In 2008, he donated $2,300 to John McCain’s presidential campaign.

He is the author of six books on government and is credited with revitalizing downtown Indianapolis. He served as mayor there from 1992 to 1999.

The former mayor of the Circle City assumes the post long held by Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler, who leaves City Hall today to become the chief of communications for Citigroup.

UPDATE: Bloomberg Spokesman Marc LaVorgna said Goldsmith contributed to Tiahrt because of his support of the public service AmeriCorps program. LaVorgna also said, “The mayor doesn’t make hires based on finding people that agree with him on every single issue, and Steve was hired because he is the premier expert on government innovation and is a renowned expert on management of government.”

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Weekly Web Wrap
April 30th, 2010

Fixing Community Benefits Agreements
(DMI Blog)
EPA Recognizes New York Environmental Organizations
(City Parks Blog)
The 1939 World’s Fair
Excessive Landmarking Threatens Manhattan
(City Journal)
New Beginning for Gateway National Recreation Area
(Regional Plan Association)
Energy and Effectiveness: Inside the Regional Assembly
(Urban Omnibus)
Educating Business Students to Build not Fundraise
(This is going to be BIG!)
Cartoonist on Albany’s Budget Deficit
(Matt Davies)
Uniting Housing and Transportation Planning
(The Transport Politic)

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Hard Hats Take Albany
April 30th, 2010

More than 50 Men and women in yellow vests and orange hard hats marched by the Capital today. Unfortunately they weren’t there to fix Albany’s crumbling infrastructure.

Why not?

Well the state isn’t paying them to do that sort of thing anymore. The hard hats were in town to protest just that. Gov. David Paterson has been withholding payments for state road and bridge projects while contracting companies try to pay their workers without help from the state.

The yellow vested crew marched down to the State Supreme Court where arguments were being heard in the case brought by a coalition of contractors associations against the state. Former Lt. Gov. Al DeBello argued the case for the contractors. He says holding back payments to contractors is illegal because the state still expects them to complete the projects they are working and therefore they have to pay the costs out of their own pockets.

Some legislators have pushed to have Paterson restore funding for contractors in the budget extenders the legislature has passed each week but so far Paterson has not budged. Legislators say they have no choice but to vote for the extenders otherwise state government will be shut down.

The mess isn’t expected to be resolved until there is an actual budget in place and at this point no one seems particularly confident that will happen anytime soon.

Without a budget contracts that could go forward and have money assigned to them can’t go forward because their is no budgetary authority to initiate them. Felice Farber of the General Contractors Association of New York said that emergency repairs for the Gowanus Expressway have been held up because there is no budget in place even though a low bidder has been chosen for the project. “There is a reason these are called emergency projects,” she said.

“Hopefully legislators and the governor got the message that this is killing our industry and costing jobs at the worst time,” said Farber. Who described the hard hat march from the Capital to the court as a, “funeral procession.”

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Finding the 'Gifted and Talented'
April 30th, 2010

The Department of Education has released some numbers on acceptance to elementary school gifted and talented programs — and huge discrepancies continue to exist throughout the city both in the number of children who take the test and the number who qualify, based on their score on a standardized test, for city or district programs.

Overall, the department says, 12,454 students took the test this year — a drop of 2,400 from 2009. The department attributes this to a spike in test taking last year as the city moved to standardize the process for admission to the coveted programs. Some 3,542 students — or 28 percent of students who took the test — qualified this year, an increase of 300 from 2009.

Only one district — Manhattan’s District 2 on Manhattan’s West Side — showed an increase in test takers this year. Many district recorded large drops, with District 7 in the south Bronx seeing the largest percent drop: 52 percent.

District 2 also had the largest number of test takers with 1,479, while in District 7, only 85 children took the test.

More numbers after the jump
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Another Member Items Database
April 30th, 2010

Courtney Gross filed this post following a City Hall press conference earlier today.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn unveiled another set of initiatives aimed at reforming the council’s discretionary funding system this morning, including a searchable database that will list all of the groups that have received council member items.

Unlike the database unveiled by Public Advocate Bill de Blasio earlier this month, Quinn’s platform will not list groups that have applied for member items until fiscal year 2012, which begins next year. The speaker said members could give the public advocate their funding applications for this year. When asked if she would, she flatly said, “No.” According to some reports, Quinn has discouraged members from cooperating with de Blasio’s effort.

Quinn said her reforms attempt to root out fraud and focus on the “integrity part of the funding process,” while de Blasio’s targets the start of the funding process.
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Stringer Sides With de Blasio
April 29th, 2010

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer just announced he is joining Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s open government initiative, which has quickly become a so-called source of contention between the newly minted advocate and Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

De Blasio announced his open government Web site, which tracks nonprofits who apply for council discretionary funding, in February and called for council members to voluntarily release their member item applications. So far, only five members have complied.

Stringer is the first borough wide official to sign on.

Reportedly, Quinn thinks de Blasio is circumventing her own transparency plans at the council, and she is now preparing to release her own initiative. That announcement is expected any day now.

The de Blasio-Stringer release is after the jump.
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Liu Says Explore Arizona Divestment
April 29th, 2010

Comptroller John Liu called the anti-immigration law approved in Arizona the “new apartheid” this afternoon, and said the city should explore divesting in companies based there.

“This is clear,” said Liu outside City Hall. “What’s happened in Arizona is the new apartheid. ”

The comptroller said the city should explore the same type of ban it had during apartheid in South Africa, which included prohibiting certain investments with the country. Liu did not know off hand how much of the New York City pension funds were invested in companies with Arizona connections, but his office is looking into it, he said.

The call came on the steps of City Hall this afternoon, where elected officials and advocates rallied to denounce the Arizona law, which forces police officers to ask individuals for their immigration status if they look suspicious. Officials say the law amounts to de facto racial profiling.

In addition to Liu, Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez called for a complete ban on Arizona — no visiting the Gran Canyon, sorry. Other officials said the new law should spur officials to act on immigration reform in Washington.
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Working Families Party:Boycott Arizona
April 29th, 2010

The Working Families Party is looking to harness anger over Arizona’s new immigration law through a petition designed to push New York’s politicians to boycott the state.

Arizona’s law enforcement officials are now mandated to detain anyone they suspect of being an undocumented immigrant. A lot of people are rather steamed at Arizona lately for the newly enacted law.

A number of Arizonan law enforcement officials say the law will cause them major headaches, alienate populations they have been trying to create a working relationship with and basically be impossible to enforce.

Here is a video of the Daily Show’s John Stewart slamming the legislation and calling Arizona the “meth lab of Democracy.”

Sen. Craig Johnson wants you to know that Arizona iced tea is actually made in his district. So don’t boycott that, k? Thx!

Here is the text a letter the WFP sent to supporters : Read the rest of this entry »

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Cuomo Hits Espada Again
April 28th, 2010

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed another civil suit against Sen. Pedro Espada. Cuomo alleges that Espada ran a “training” program at his Soundview clinic where workers were paid below state-required wages while being promised full employment later on. According to the suit the “trainees” worked for two weeks before eventually being replaced by other similarly duped workers.

“Espada ripped off his own community in order to maximize the amount of money he could siphon out of the Soundview clinic, according to our complaint,” said Cuomo in a statement.

You can find the suit here.

Espada has countered in typical fashion, claiming the suit is part of Cuomo’s attempt to destroy him.

“This is a political assassination or an attempt at a political assassination delivered in installments and deliberately so designed to keep you from asking him the tough questions about when he announces and what his view and vision, leadership would mean to the budget process, again to the hard questions that face all New Yorkers,” Espada said.

Espada insisted the program was designed to help, “people who need a second chance in life,” including ex-felons.

Liz Benjamin has video of Espada’s response at State of Politics.

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Liu Takes on the EDC, Again
April 28th, 2010

Comptroller John Liu took another swipe at the city’s Economic Development Corp. today, accusing the agency of hoarding away $125 million in profits from so-called public deals.

In an audit released this morning, the comptroller alleges the corporation collected funds from the sale of city assets and lease payments and held onto the cash for its own purposes.

Officials at EDC say its well within their rights to collect and keep the funding — and they have an opinion from the city’s Law Department (seen below) to prove it.

“There are plenty of questions and even concern about what exactly the EDC does, as it deals with substantial amounts of City funds and publicly subsidized economic development,” Liu said in a prepared statement. “This episode only accentuates the need to reign in the EDC.”

This is not the first time the comptroller has gone after the EDC in his relatively short tenure. He has established a task force to look into the distribution of public subsides — including deals at the IDA (which we report on extensively here) — as well as community benefit agreements.
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Paterson to Legislature: Come on Guys, Pass a Budget. Please?
April 27th, 2010

Gov. David Paterson wants the legislature to vote his executive budget proposal up or down. He has also introduced a plan that would save the state another $620 million. Legislators have said that Paterson’s budget is not actually balanced. This plan seemingly corrects that.

If legislators can’t motivate themselves to get around to vote on Paterson’s budget, then the governor intends to ask the legislature to voluntarily begin five-day sessions. Currently the legislature meets for three days a week,passes a budget extender, shrugs its collective shoulders and goes home without a budget. Paterson does have the authority to force legislators to stay in session but he says he would rather not ruffle their feathers at this point.

Oh, and Paterson won’t ask them to endure the inconvenience of the five-day-week until next week. Now that is getting tough!

The budget is now over a month late and the holdup is said to be over the senate’s insistence that the budget include property tax rebates. The Assembly and Paterson aren’t down with that idea.

Legislators will likely cringe when they see Paterson’s additional $620 million in savings. The plan includes reducing member items funding by $50 million, reduces funding for the Department of Health’s anti-tobacco program and delays the rehabilitation of the Captiol roof, among other things.

Here is Paterson’s statement: Read the rest of this entry »

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No Drilling for Now
April 23rd, 2010

At least for the time being, energy companies are very unlikely to drill for natural gas in the area that provides New York City with its unfiltered drinking water. The state Department of Environmental Conservation announced today that its relatively lax rules on drilling will not apply to the state’s only two unfiltered water supplies: the Catskills watershed that serves New York City and the Skaneateles Watershed, which provides drinking water to people in the Syracuse area.

The decision does not ban drilling in those two watersheds but would require any company that wanted to extract natural gas there to conduct a separate environmental review for every well it planned. Such a stringent review is not required elsewhere in the state.

The question of whether to drill in the watershed had put the interests of upstate, whose residents hoped to make money from the drilling, at odds with those of the city. The Bloomberg administration, City Council environment committee chair James Genarro and others feared the drilling could threaten the safety and purity of the water for 9 million people and perhaps necessitate the building of multibillion dollar filtration plants.

Late last year, the Bloomberg administration sent< a letter to the state environment department saying its months of study had indicated drilling could contaminate the watershed and damage infrastructure. The federal Environmental Protection Agency also expressed major concerns about the possible drilling.

Gov. David Paterson, however, has been a proponent of the drilling, and in 2008 signed a bill that would have made it easier for gas companies to use the environmentally risky form of drilling, known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking. His administration issued draft regulations that would have paved the way for drilling in the New York watershed and that, even after today’s announcement, will apply elsewhere in the state.

Reaction after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Weekly Web Wrap
April 23rd, 2010

Color Photos of the Lower East Side from 1942
( via Emergent Urbanism)
Cartoonist’s Take on Espada Scandal
(Matt Davies)
Forest City Ratner Spent Over $1 Million on Lobbying in 2009
(Atlantic Yards Report)
The Price of .nyc Domain Names
(Campaign for .nyc)
PlaNYC 2030: Government Run Like Business
(Environmental Leader via Planetizen)
Reentry Legislation Supported by Advocates
(Re-thinking Reentry)
Financial Reform or New York Deform?
(DMI Blog)
Bloomberg’s Homeless Shelter Rent Plan ‘Crazy’
State Home Efficiency Program Wins Federal Award
State Voting Machine Plan Violates Voting Rights Act
(Brennan Center for Justice)

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Charter Chasm
April 22nd, 2010

Today’s hearing on charter schools — supposedly on their funding and relations with charter operators — provided still more proof, if any was needed, of how divisive this issue has become.

People reportedly began showing up outside the hearing room at 250 Broadway by 6 a.m. By 8:30 protesters on both sides of the issue thronged the sidewalk while the meeting room up stair was already standing room only.

The battle had been brewing for quite some time. State Sen. Bill Perkins, who called the hearing, has emerged as a leading critic of charter schools, particular in black and Latino neighborhoods, such as his Harlem district. In response, the Post today lashed out at Perkins in an editorial, accusing him of coming “down squarely on the side of New York’s education cartel — and against its kids.” Charter school advocates are reportedly shopping for a candidate to challenge Perkins in September’s primary, and a pro-charter group has produced a television ad accusing him of playing politics and ignoring the needs of his constituents.

Once the hearings started the clashes came quickly. Perkins would not allow the one other senator then in attendance, Craig Johnson, a Nassau County Democrat, to make an opening statement. For his part, Johnson, whose district has no charter schools, reprimanded Perkins for not requiring witnesses to take an oath. “Now we already know where we’re going with this hearing,” Johnson grumbled.

And so it went from there.
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Dilan to Paterson: Restore Capital Project Funding
April 22nd, 2010

Gov. David Paterson issued a statement today saying that his budget extender bill for next week will not include appropriation funding for State funded road and bridge projects across the state. However, he announced that, “this bill will include provisions to allow federal and local spending on hundreds of capital projects that have no State funding component and were authorized in prior State fiscal years. Approximately 124 State Department of Transportation projects that are 100 percent federally funded, and approximately 219 local projects that receive federal and local funds may move forward after this action.”

Contractors and legislators are up in arms that important repair projects have been delayed and construction workers are being laid off because they are not being paid for their work.

Sen. Martin Dilan, who has been pushing for full restoration of funding responded to the announcement with an open letter demanding all funding be restored.

“Your proposal to authorize the release of funding for only 100% federally funded projects does not accomplish what the people of this state need. Approximately 80% of construction projects currently let by DOT require some form of state match in order to qualify for the remaining federal dollars and would therefore be ineligible to move forward under your proposal. Additionally, by not allowing DOT to let new projects we are shortening the construction season, and risking a further loss of jobs and needed repairs. Without moving these projects forward, I question whether we can survive another blow while New Yorks unemployment rate approaches double digits, and its transportation infrastructure lies in disrepair.”

There will likely be another heated complaint session before the Senate votes on the extender next week.

It should be noted that in the official letter sent by Dilan he crosses out Gov. David Paterson in blue ink and addresses the governor simply as David.

Here is the full text of Dilan’s letter: Read the rest of this entry »

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And Now a Possible Criminal Case
April 21st, 2010

The day after state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed a civil suit against state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, the other shoe dropped. At a press conference in lower Manhattan today, Cuomo announced that his office and the U.S. attorney’s office had launched a criminal investigation of the Bronx state senator.

The announcement came hours after FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents executed a search warrant of Soundview HealthCare Network in the Bronx. Espada founded and runs SoundView, and according to the civil suit, siphoned off more than $14 million in the last five years.

As to what had changed in the last day, Cuomo said, “To the extent that a criminal investigation is more serious than a civil case, this is more serious.”

Dismissing Espada’s contentions that he is the target of a political vendetta — payback for his role in the so-called Senate coup last summer, Cuomo called Espada’s conduct “egregious.” Soundview, he said, was “receiving public funds, receiving tax dollars, to provide medical services to people who desperately needed it. It was not a playground for Mr. Espada.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Espada's Office Raided, Cuomo to Make Announcement
April 21st, 2010

Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada was “excused” from session today by Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson. Espada has more pressing matters to deal with.

For one, his Bronx Soundview Health Clinic was raided by FBI and IRS agents this morning and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is expected to make an announcement about “developments” in the case in just a few minutes. Stay tuned.

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Espada's Story
April 20th, 2010

Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada held a press conference this evening in response to the civil suit brought by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Espada didn’t exactly refute or directly address any of the myriad charges leveled by Cuomo’s office. Instead Espada went on the attack. The Bronx legislator claimed that Cuomo is looking for political retribution for Espada’s role in last year’s Senate coup. He alleged that Cuomo encouraged the coup so that it would undermine Gov. David Paterson.

Espada insisted he will not step down as majority leader. Espada was in typical defiant form and avoided any substantive issues. He only took 3 questions from the press.

Here is his statement:
“Good day to all.
After months and months of rampant speculation, innuendo and political grandstanding.targeted leaks to the press meant to disparage me and poison the publics perception of the Soundview Healthcare Networkand an extraordinary expenditure of taxpayer dollars, resources and time, I am here today to address the litany of mischaracterizations and falsehoods that serve as the foundation for the AGs action against the Soundview Healthcare Network.

It is clear to many that the motivation behind all of this is simple political payback for what the establishment likes to call the Senate coup, but what I call the start of real reform in the New York State Senate. There is an unfortunate pattern developing, a pattern where the AG garners tons of media attention for a supposed serious investigation, only to bring a case that is no where near commensurate to the resources devoted to it, nor the media attention he has brought to it on his ubiquitous off the record conference calls.

These actions are politics as usual, a steamroller approach to using the power of ones office, an office I remind you whose purpose is to protect the people, not to make unfounded assertions and accusations as a means to achieve political power. We have seen this movie from that office before, and we all know how it ends.

Civil cases are brought when a tenant has a dispute with their landlord, or when spouses are divorcing. Further, I find it disingenuous to demonize my family simply for working for a business I founded. It is no more inappropriate than working for your dad if he happens to be governor of this great state.

There should be no rush to judgment until the facts emerge. I would like to remind everyone, including my fellow elected officials, that just like you I deserve and look forward to the opportunity to address this complaint in the proper forum.

I am deeply disappointed that the Soundview Healthcare Network has been drawn into a politically driven civil complaint. The Soundview Healthcare Network is being portrayed as a faade in a Hollywood backlot. The reality is, 100,000-plus patient visits come through the doors of our four facilities every year. Because Soundview is federally funded, we are turned upside down several times over audited by and meeting regulations set by federal, state and local agencies, as well as the dozens of health care providers, insurance companies and vendors that we have relationships with. This game of politics is sabotaging thousands of Bronx Hispanics and African Americans who rely on Soundview Healthcare Networks vital health care, social services and outreach programs and the specialty care that they receive in pediatric, geriatric, cardiology, nutrition, diabetes and so many other areas.

In conclusion, I will continue working with my colleagues in the Senate Democratic Majority Conference, as I have been for the past several months, to deliver a state budget that does not reduce funding for our classrooms, affordable housing, health care and transportation. My focus will continue to be on passing my rent relief legislation that would freeze rents for the next five years for more than 600,000 tenants, and legislation that would provide greater protections for farm workers and domestic workers. I will be responding to this complaint in the near future and I will continue to work as Majority leader doing the work the people of the 33rd district elected me to do.”

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Espada Troubles
April 20th, 2010

Senate Democrats are still in conference despite the fact that session was scheduled to start more than an hour ago. Could it be that they are discussing what to do about the escalating legal troubles of Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada?

Democrats could strip Espada of his leadership position, or perhaps consider harsher sanctions.

Espada’s troubles do not come at a good time for Senate Democrats who are walking into an election year facing some very memorable scandals as well as a budget that is currently three weeks late.

A number of Democrats privately celebrated when Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced he was investigating Espada. They feel Espada has marred the reputation of the Senate as a whole and has stymied a progressive agenda. A number of them are still very excited now that Cuomo has brought charges but there are headaches to deal with. More heated clashes like the ones that took place over what to do about Sen. Hiram Monserrate.

Cuomo indicated today that Espada’s legal woes are only likely to escalate. Cuomo told reporters earlier today that criminal charges could follow the civil suit already filed against Espada. The question of whether Espada truly lives in his Bronx district and his history of campaign violations could also lead to legal action by Cuomo’s office.

Espada made some daring statements about past and future investigations into his dealings at Soundview during an interview with the Gazette at the Soundview Clinic last year.

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Cuomo Files Suit Against Espada
April 20th, 2010

Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada has been charged with raiding $14 million from his non-profit Soundview Health Clinic to pay for campaign literature, sushi dinners, family vacations and a massive severance package. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office filed a civil suit in Manhattan Supreme Court. Soundview receives taxpayer money to provide health care to the underprivileged.

Taxpayer money was given to this not-for-profit to provide healthcare services to underprivileged patients, but our investigation has found the funds flowed into the pockets of Senator Espada and his supporters, Cuomo said.

Espada also allegedly stacked the Soundview board with his friends and relatives. Nineteen current and former Soundview officials were also named in the suit.

Espada is charged with spending $80,000 of Soundview’s money on meals for his supporters. Granting himself a $9 million severance package. Securing his son a janitorial contract. Spending $100,000 on campaign literature and racking up $450,000 in charges on his a Soundview provided American Express card.

The Gazette conducted an interview with Espada last year in the clinic.

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