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A Quieter Chancellor
January 18th, 2011

Today’s announcement of a program to help struggling students on their state standardized tests (see below) provided another opportunity for new chancellor Cathleen Black to meet with the press. For better of worse, she’s no Joel Klein.

While Klein often appeared (and that may have been a show) to enjoy some exchange with the media and was never at a loss for words, Black today was reserved and maybe even a bit ill at ease. After Mayor Michael Bloomberg made his comments, she delivered an obviously prepared statement, sticking to it even when she was, for all intents and purposes, repeating what Bloomberg had just said.

Black had troubled understanding an admittedly somewhat garbled question (I can say that because I asked it), although Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who stepped in to respond as Black faltered, did get my less than crystal clear gist.

And when WNYC’s Beth Fertig asked Black if she thought too much had been made of her quip last week that birth control could be the solution to school overcrowding, Bloomberg did not let her answer. Instead he rushed to the rescue.

“She made a joke,” he said echoing comments he made yesterday. “Should she have made it? In retrospect, probably not.”

As for school overcrowding it is, he said, “one of the problems of success.” And he indicated that, whatever city parents do in their bedrooms, overcrowding likely would remain an issue. Class size, he said, ” is not likely to be smaller if you have less money.”

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