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Bill to End LIFO Passes Senate
March 1st, 2011

Sen. John Flangan’s bill to end last in first out in New York City passed the senate by a vote of 33-27 with two Democrats, Dave Valesky and Jeff Klein, voting in favor. The passage isn’t exactly monumental seeing that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has indicated he does not plan to bring the bill to a vote in his chamber.

Here is Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s statement:

Today, the New York State Senate passed a landmark proposal that puts the needs of our children first. Putting great teachers in front of every classroom regardless of how long they have been on the job is the most important thing a school system can do to help its students. Enormous credit is due to Senate Education Committee Chair John Flanagan, who has established himself as a statewide leader on education reform, to Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, and to the Republican Conference particularly New York Citys champions, Marty Golden and Andrew Lanza for taking a stand on behalf of our 1.1 million schoolchildren. I also want to thank Senators Jeff Klein and David Valesky of the Independent Democratic Conference for putting the needs of public school children ahead of special interest politics. Now, we urge the Governor to include this critically important reform in his budget proposal on Thursday and for the Assembly to support it.

Meanwhile Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he plans to introduce a program bill that would introduce new criteria when laying off teachers that would apply to the entire state.

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One Response to “Bill to End LIFO Passes Senate”

  1. Paula Lupo Says:
    March 2nd, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    This is just another assault on teachers. Or maybe should I say an attack on elderly teachers.

    Last In First Out is used in all other NY city, state and federal job employment as well as many private sector jobs to guarantee protection for the employees against unfair discharge of employment.

    Why is it that the teachers are the only ones who are being singled out?

    I really do not believe that the mayor is looking out for the best interest of our children. It seems more looking out for his bottom line. Newer teachers are less expensive than those with the experience.

    The mayor portrays senior teachers as those who are incompetent and should be fired and the newer ones as the best and brightest.

    I do not want to begrudge the new teacher but newer teachers are mentored by someone arent they? They do not graduate college experts in the field. The new teacher is mentored for a year or more by a master teacher (10 years or more service) who volunteers to mentor them on the job and the master teacher does not get any compensation for mentoring.

    Maybe the master teachers have to stop mentoring the new teachers as well as taking on student teachers in their classrooms from the colleges because it seems they are just training their replacements.

    Im afraid that this is going to open the door to a revolving door of teachers every few years in the schools by removing the more experienced teachers who have been on the job to long because they are too expensive.

    Then the students will really suffer.

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