Koch Says Senate Republicans Won't Honor Redistricting Promise
March 1st, 2011

Former Mayor Ed Koch met with Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos to find out if Skelos plans to keep his pledge to support his promise to vote for an independent redistricting bill. Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduced such a bill last month. The answer Koch got was basically ‘No.’

Skelos told Koch he has problems with the constitutionality of the bill–a problem he didn’t raise when he signed Koch’s reform pledge. Koch held a presser after the meeting and was surrounded by legislators who do support independent redistricting. Koch said he will launch robocalls labeling Republicans “Enemies of Reform.”

Skelos responded saying:

“I was pleased to meet with Mayor Koch today on the issue of independent redistricting. I expressed to him my concerns about the Koch-endorsed bill that would weight the redistricting process in favor of Democrats by a six to two margin.

Several different redistricting reform bills have been proposed. We are still reviewing constitutional concerns that we have with the bill submitted by the Governor. It is our intention to pursue a redistricting reform measure that will meet the NY Uprising pledge.

As the State Constitution gives the Legislature the sole authority to draw district lines, the strongest plan would amend the constitution to establish a process that is truly fair, bipartisan and constitutionally sound. This process could have been started earlier. However, when Senate Democrats were in the Majority, they chose not to act on any redistricting reform legislation at all.”

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