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Redistricting Task Force Meets
July 6th, 2011

The Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment met in Albany today to set about their work of redrawing district lines according to new census data. They didn’t get down to the gritty details but announced a series of public meetings across the state. They are: July 19 in Syracuse, July 20 in Rochester, Aug. 4 in Albany, Aug. 10 in Westchester, Aug. 17 in Binghamton, Aug. 18 in Buffalo, Sept. 7 in Queens, Sept. 8 in the Bronx, Sept. 20 in Kings, Sept. 21 in Manhattan, Sept. 22 in Richmond, and Oct. 5 on Long Island.

However, good government groups including Citizens Union (the sister organization to the Citizens Union Foundation which publishes the Gotham Gazette) want the legislature to return to Albany and pass legislation that would make LATFOR and their hearings obsolete. Mayor Ed Koch and Citizens Union executive director Dick Dadey issued a statement calling the legislative session “I for incomplete” and demanding legislators return to Albany to pass an independent redistricting bill or face having Gov. Andrew Cuomo veto any lines that LATFOR draws. Cuomo has pledged to veto any lines drawn under the old process. Albany Assemblyman Jack McEneny said at the meeting that he thinks the governor should look at the lines his group draws before vetoing them. He said it would be “petty” for Cuomo just to veto the lines because of who draws them.

Sen. Michael Nozzolio rejected the idea that there is time for a new process to be passed before deadlines for the new lines to be drawn.

And it still remains unclear whether the law that mandates prisoners be counted at their last known address rather than in the prison communities will stand. Republicans from upstate districts that get a great boost from prisoner populations have challenged the law in court.
Here is the full statement from Koch and Citizens Union:




“On the day the Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment (LATFOR) holds in Albany its first public meeting, we urge the New York State Legislature to return to the State Capitol this month to meet in a special session and pass legislation creating an independent redistricting commission to draw the new lines for the 2012 election cycle. Barring the establishment of a new independent commission, the legislature-drawn lines will no doubt be vetoed by Governor Cuomo, who has pledged to do so.

Had the state legislature done what 184 of its 212 members pledged or co-sponsored to do – create a new impartial process for drawing state legislative and congressional lines – this meeting today of LATFOR would not have been necessary. It is an affront to all those New Yorkers who trusted that their elected officials would arrive in Albany this year and end the practice of partisan gerrymandering as they had promised, and enact redistricting reform legislation. We and they are still waiting.

A total of 96 members of the Assembly, both Democrats and Republicans, have co-sponsored legislation introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Speaker Sheldon Silver creating a new and more independent process. Prevented from signing onto Governor Cuomo’s legislation in the Senate because of the use of an arcane rule, 27 State Senators have indicated their support for two pieces of redistricting reform legislation carried by Senators Mike Gianaris D-Queens or David Valesky, D-Oneida. An additional 31 other Senators said they support redistricting reform during the 2010 campaign but have not cosponsored enacting legislation for 2012.

The rearing of LATFOR’s public head today represents a continuation of the old-school partisan gerrymandering that has existed for over three decades and prioritizes the re-election of incumbents above all else in drawing new districts. This rigged practice has resulted in a 96% re-election rate among incumbents that has divided communities, underrepresented minority groups in the legislature and resulted in few truly competitive elections.

We request legislators honor the commitments they made to their voters and return to Albany pronto to remove the self-interested conflict that exists when they draw the lines for themselves and essentially choose their voters before the voters choose them.

Though it was one of the most productive legislative sessions in recent memory, the legislature so far deserves only a grade of “I” for “Incomplete” which can be improved if they return and enact redistricting reform as they had promised New Yorkers they would.

New York Uprising, founded by former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, is a non-partisan coalition dedicated to reforming New York’s dysfunctional state government. It is led by Mayor Koch along with a Board of Trustees that includes former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former NYS Governor Mario Cuomo, former NYS Comptroller Ned Regan, former US Congressman Herman Badillo, former Ambassador Felix Rohatyn, former Deputy Mayor Alair Townsend, former Deputy Mayor Rudy Washington, former Deputy Mayor Peter J. Solomon and former Deputy Mayor John Zuccotti.

Citizens Union of the City of New York, a nonpartisan force for good government for more than 100 years, works to inform and engage New Yorkers, to ensure local and state government values its citizens, addresses critical issues, and operates in a fair, open, and fiscally sound manner.”

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One Response to “Redistricting Task Force Meets”

  1. dresses Says:
    November 27th, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    I guess, it comes down to 96194 simple choice!

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