Sarah Jones transforms herself into 13 characters who take turn telling stories of their immigrant lives in "Bridge & Tunnel," a one-woman show produced by Meryl Streep. Through poems and spoken word performances, their stories unfold -- a Chinese immigrant who comes to term with her lesbian daughter, a Mexican worker who lost his legs in a work-related accident, a Pakistani accountant who will be going for an interview with the federal government, and many others. Bridge & Tunnel is at 45 Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, (Tel) 212-307-4100 .

Here is an excerpt of a poem written by a Haitian character named Rose Aime.

ROSE AIMEE: (Haitian woman, late forties, somewhat timid, thick Haitian accent): This poem I will dedicate to one certain real estate man. I met him when I was first trying to buy the house I just move out from. First, this real estate man tell me he don't have something for my price range, before I tell him how much money I have. Hmph. Then, he says he think it will be better if he will refer me to someone I will be more comfortable with. When I ask him, do I seem uncomfortable? He says, (mocking a very frightened person, hands up in surrender) 'oh, Miss, please, there is no need to get upset!' Hmph!

He thinks I don't understand, but I heard what he was whispering when talk on his phone. He said "some of these immigrants, they have a lot of attitude, after everything this country have been through, it makes me sick."

I want to say, hey I am American, too! I am a citizen....But first, I write this poem. For all the American. But I dedicate it to that certain real estate man.

God Bless America, but not because of you
God Bless the Haitian immigrants, and Cubans too
God Bless the Italians, Koreans, and the Colombians who came
God Bless Jamaicans, the Chinese, the Spanish
Without them, Florida will have no name
God Bless the Polish, the Mexicans, the French
Without them, McDonalds will have no fries
God Bless the Japanese, Senegalese, and Swedish,
Without them, no Nobel Prize
God Bless the Turkish, the Vietnamese, the people from Peru
God Bless America, but not because of you

God Bless the Nicaraguans, the Russians, and the ones from Liechtenstein
God Bless the Scottish -- without them we would have no Aud Lang Syne
God Bless the Filipinos, Liberians, Iraqis, and Greeks
God Bless the British too, for the language we all speak
God Bless the Albanians, the Brazilians, the Egyptians
Without them, no paper for writing the Declaration
God Bless Bosnians, Somali, and Croatian
God Bless the Indians, without them, we will have no word for shampoo
-- it's true, you can look it up
God Bless America, but not because of you

God Bless all those who are proud of this colorful nation
God Bless us whether we are first, fifth, or tenth generation
We build our home with others in unity
We love this land of opportunity
So may God bless America and let us not discriminate
Whether immigration law or just Miami real estate
God Bless your ancestors, real estate man, once they were new here too
And God Bless this great America, but not because of you"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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