Details Magazine Railed for Anti-Asian Article
From The World Journal
April 3, 2004

Men’s fashion magazine Details infuriated many Asian and gay organizations by running an article entitled “Gay or Asian” in its April issue, which ridiculed Asian and homosexual people by using stereotypes against them. Organization of Chinese American wrote to the magazine, demanding a correction, an official apology and a recall of the issue. But Details’ reply on March 31st was evasive and unsatisfactory. Asian Media Watchdog, therefore, plans to rally in front of the magazine’s office in Midtown at noon on April 16th.

Details magazine is a fashion publication focused on urban, white-collar males. A feature entitled “Gay or Asian” in its April issue demeaned Asian and homosexual people by using puns and clichés, which protesters say are shopworn and disdainful to these two minority groups. Organization of Chinese American said the magazine used what it called “humor”, which attacks and tarnishes Asian males and homosexual people by boiler plates about Asian food and men. These two minority groups will not tolerate such discrimination, it added.

Details will make comments in its May issue. Organization of Chinese American has asked the magazine to recall all copies of the last edition, publish a formal apology to Asian groups and revoke the Anthropology column written by Whitney McNally, the author of the disputed article. But Details’ editor-in-chief said in his reply to the organization that the magazine intended to harm nobody and was sorry that some readers felt humiliated. Editors will comment on the dispute in the May issue, it added. The organization said the reply is unacceptable.

The evasive answer has prompted Asian and gay groups to take further actions. Asian Media Watchdog will rally in front of Details’ office at 7 W. 34 St. in Manhattan at noon on April 16th to protest against the publication.

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Translated from Chinese by Shasha Dai.

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