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Hundreds Demonstrate In Support for Detainees

From World Journal
March 22, 2002

A dozen Chinese immigrants from all walks of life joined hundreds of protesters in Brooklyn last Friday to offer their support for more than a thousand Middle Eastern immigrants detained by the Immigration and Naturalization Service after September 11.

The protesters marched from Fifth Avenue and Ninth Street to the Metropolitan Detention Center located on 29th Street and Third Avenue.

It has been almost three months since protests against unreasonable detention of Middle Eastern immigrants started. Initiated by various immigrant groups, community-based and human rights organizations, the protest has been joined by a growing number of Chinese immigrants.

It was the first time protesters took to the streets. During the one-hour marching protest, demonstrators held banners and distributed flyers along the streets.

In response to calls from the garment union, more than half a dozen Chinese garment workers joined the protest although they have been suffering economic setbacks from reduced work hours. A female garment worker said that the INS was mistreating immigrants and all immigrants in New York City should stand up against it. Another worker said that the INS should not arrest people without legitimate reasons because those immigrants have families to look after.

Li Tung-chi and Huang Pei-ying, a couple from a nearby Wesleyan church in Park Slope who had been to several demonstrations, said that the issue has affected Asian immigrants deeply although no Chinese immigrants have been detained so far.

Chen Yue-ching, a Chinese American lawyer, said it is her first time to join such a protest but she does not represent any groups. She added that it is unfair for the INS to detain those immigrants.

Translated from Chinese by Larry Tung.

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