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Consul Talks for the First Time with Ecuador News
From Ecuador News

By Francisca Mollenhauer

Being a woman, and having pure Ecuadorian blood running through her veins, Carol Jara confesses herself to be responsible and strong. “But I am also sensible, meticulous, and perfectionist, which makes me consul.” This explains her new position as the first Consul of the Ecuadorian Consulate in New York. Jara talks about how, after a divorce, she decided to leave her country, her family and friends to face this new task: to promote the image of, and encourage tourism to the country of the “Middle of the world” throughout the tri-state area.

Although it is noon and she has gotten up, as always, at 5 o’clock in the morning, and on top of that she has a cold, Carol Jara looks resplendent. She takes in what is said, showing it in the expression of her face. She is radiant, sparkling and a bit nervous, she passes to the interview chair rather uncomfortably, but little by little begins to open up.

First Interview

“ This is the first time I have been interviewed,” she confessed with a nervous voice. Since she arrived in the United States three weeks ago, she has not yet installed herself in the permanent office, and has not yet had any time to find a place to live.

Nevertheless, she said that this post has been the opportunity of a lifetime. She is not specialized in tourism and worked 8 years in the Department of Exterior Commerce for the Bank of Quito. She was very excited by the idea of taking on a new position. It was the President of Ecuador, Lucio Gutierrez, who called her personally and proposed to make her in charge of the tourist and commercial promotion of Ecuador in the tri-state area.

“ He chose me because he has a lot of admiration for my professional career. I speak English, German and Italian. I manage the whole area of exports and imports of Ecuador very well, and while I was in my last year of studying, I worked as a tour guide,” affirmed Jara.

Tourist and Commercial Ties with the United States

Jara believed that it is not necessary for one to dedicate oneself to studying a specific career in order to develop professionally. Even better, she assured that with strength and consistency, she will manage to increase the tourist and commercial ties with the country “of the middle of the world.”

“ My idea is to create diverse fairs and expositions where Ecuadorian companies come to show their diverse products. In this way, the image of Ecuador will be better understood by New Yorkers and will make various things known from the participation of important American businesses. For example, we are big granola producers but do not export at all. Here, the Americans eat granola all the time and it is central to their breakfasts,” Jara said.

Also, she added that “One doesn’t do things from the night to the morning. Recently I have become accustomed to the interiorized place in the administrative offices of the consulate. My colleagues have acted very nice with me especially the Colonel Molina, Consul General. I am content to be here and if they give me the opportunity, I will be able to apply all my ideas.”

National Pride

But it is not all happiness. The emotional cost for the first consul in taking this position is high. On the one hand, she will have to live in the United States for four years, far from her family and friends. “I have a little sister of nine years and she is my eyes. It hurts me to not be able to be there while she grows up. She slept with me. I made a lot out of little. Since I arrived, I have called her every day,” added Jara.

Nevertheless, the lovely single woman confessed that thanks to her recent divorce, she wanted to start a new life. “Thank God I don’t have children and I'm still young. Also, who could reject such an offer, to work in the service of the Ecuadorian exterior, where you can promote Ecuador in all its areas and help a lot of people. If I have to leave everything behind for my country, I do it proudly, and I would do it again a thousand times,” Carol Jara affirmed with tenacity. A pretty Ecuadorian girl, well intentioned that she wants to make changes and more to put into practice all of the knowledge acquired in her past professional life. Welcome to New York.

Translated from Spanish by Charlotte Triggs.


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