Hates Crime
From Hoy
July 29, 2004

Racial hate crimes, which happen even in cosmopolitan cities like New York, show that racism is still blatant inside the hearts of some people with low self-esteem, who pretend that others are less and deserve to be killed or abused only to increase their own self-esteem. People like Hitler, who was a short bad painter with sexual dysfunctions, become crusaders of racial and ethnic wars, inflating their egos by convincing other mediocre people alike that their bad luck or performance in life is due to the ascension of other more talented people that belong to an “inferior” religion or race.

The brutal attack committed in the middle of the street by a group of white men to religious leader Rajil Singh Khalsa, only shows that ignorance and racial fear can lead to painful and unacceptable acts. The worst part is that their ignorance took them to attack the victim because they confused his clothes with those of Arabic origin. Stupidity and bad instincts are usually an explosive combination. The bullies who thought were committing some kind of revengeful act against Muslims, wounded a person that had nothing to with the religious beliefs of those who attacked the Twin Towers.

Besides, not all Muslims are terrorists, and no one has the right to harass them simply because they practice the same religion as Bin Laden. Unfortunately, this is happening because of the ghetto style division of the residents of the city of New York. People like these should realize that it is not their right to behave like vigilantes of “justice”, because they will always humiliate and vex innocent people that have nothing to do with the facts they are being accused of. Ignorance, which goes hand in hand with blind violence, is the most primitive characteristic of fear to the unknown. To confuse an Indian with and Arab is the limit of aberration. Not only is it committing a crime against an innocent and unknown man, but it also shows the unfairness of judging people because of the way they look. These attacks should be rejected by all who have bit of conscious, independently if they are white, black, Hispanic, or from other race or religion. Many in the Big Apple have suffered hate crimes themselves or their relatives: Jewish people, Palestinians, Rwandans, Albanians, Bosnians, and Guatemalan aborigines. Genocides and massacres with the pretext of “punishing” entire populations for offences committed by some of their members have put the world to grieve.

Something that has been condemned by all the good-will men, independently of their religion or culture. In a cosmopolitan city like New York these things should not happen. Let all the weight of the law fall upon the attackers.

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Translated from Spanish by Maria Noel Pousa.

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