Teaching Nurses English
From Korea Times
November 7, 2003

By Jae Hyun Kim

The amount of nurses in the American labor force is dangerously low, with a shortage of nearly 10,000 nurses. This has been a major problem that is slowing down the improvement of medical services. To cope with this situation, American hospitals are supplementing the vacancies by hiring foreign nurses from the Philippines and other Asian countries. But, you can find hardly any Korean nurses in American hospitals.

“Many highly qualified Korean nurses are often frustrated by the Test of Spoken English (TSE). If Korean nurses can work in an American hospital, the Korean American patients who speak little English would receive better medical services. I am determined to make that happen,” said Victor Kim, the director of Worldwide Trade Resources, Inc (WTR).

Kim’s organization is in cooperation with Human Resources Development Service of Korea to promote the employment of Korean nurses in the northeastern region of the United States. He plans on founding a TSE Preparatory School in South Korea, to help Korean nurses looking for a jobs in American hospitals prepare for the test.

The group is assisting Korean nurses in New York. But occasionally candidates who got an offer after interviewing with American hospitals, have ended up losing the offer because of a low test score. Thus, Worldwide Trade Resources decided that it was very necessary to establish a TSE Preparatory School in South Korea as well, as a way to teach English comprehensively.

As soon as the school is set up in South Korea, the group expects to be of great assistance to the Korean nurses in pursuit of jobs in America.

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Translated from Korean by Bonchee Chung

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