Pansori Composed In Memory Of World Trade Center

From Chosun Ilbo

January 16, 2002

By Kim Yong-un

The tragic terrorist incident at the World Trade Center became a motive for a Pansori, a traditional Korean operatic epic song. Musician Lee Yong-su, composer of "Oh, New York 2001" said that he will release the CD recording in March and will follow this with domestic and U.S. performances.

Criticizing the cruel nature of the terror attack, Lee plans to perform the piece during 2002 World Cup and in September in Seoul and New York, marking the first anniversary of the terrible incident. He added that the shows will also serve as a chance to publicize the mysterious and superb musicality of the traditional composition art form.

The one-hour long Pansori is made up of five sections, beginning with "Peace of America, Peace of the World," followed by "Peaceful Morning of the Twin Towers," "Plane Crashes into the Building," "Flowers of Love Bloom from the Ruins," and concluding with "Consoling the Souls"

Lee added that staging his opus with subtitles at a Korean Opera theater that will open in Insa-dong, a town will attract many foreign tourists as they will easily respond to the theme.

Lee has received favorable review from his performance of "Yongdamga," a creative Pansori depicting the life of Choi Je-u, the founder of Cheondogyo (a popular religious organization) last year.


(Translated from Korean)

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