University Purges Illegals

From El Diario/LA PRENSA

November 12, 2001

By Ricardo Leon Pena-Villa

As part of a series of protests against the tuition increases and the restrictions against university students without legal status, a rally gathered in front of the administrative facilities of CUNY (City University of New York).

It is speculated that nearly 3,000 students will be forced to leave the school because of the measures.

Abraham Negrete, one of the organizers of the protest, believes that the measures are "a racist attack on the part of the CUNY administration, which is directly responding to the current war and the directors are saying that undocumented immigrants supposedly represent 'a national security risk'".

"It's ethnic cleansing pure and simple, that's why we're here, to defend the students and their right to study like everyone else, even if they are illegal immigrants," Negrete stated.

"The students began receiving letters, that told them they were going to be charged double beginning in February, which means that thousands of students will be purged from the university," concluded the protest organizer.

(Translated from Spanish by Armando Reyes)


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