Haitian Consul General Speaks Out Against Rockstar Entertainment
From NY Caribnews
December, 2003

Haitians finally got a chance to get their message over to Rockstar Entertainment at a demonstration in front of the company’s office in lower Manhattan’s Soho district. A crowd chanted their discontent over the scandalous video game Grand Theft Auto -Vice City. What’s particularly odious about the game is that it protrays Haitians as evil drug dealers who should be wiped out.

According to a statement issued by Mr. Harry Fouche, the Consul General of Haiti, in reference to the demonstration held in lower Manhattan:

“This demonstration of solidarity among Haitians is aimed at once more demanding that Rockstar Entertainment recall the product from the market, cease and desist from further production of the video and issue an apology to Haitians and the larger community of decent persons.”

The Consul General confirmed that the Government had banned the video from sale in Haiti as well as all other products manufactured by Rockstar Entertainment . Moreover, the Government of Haiti was continuing to explore legal options, with the Ministry of Justice and the Foreign Ministry studying avenues for a lawsuit on the grounds that the assault on the people of Haiti was unnecessary ; the timing was inappropriate (in light of Haiti’s imminent bicentennial) and the attack on a basically peaceful group of people was unwarranted.

The Consul General reiterated the position that Rockstar Entertainment should immediately stop production of the video since the incitation to violence was not conducive to the welfare of good citizens.

He commended the support of the many city leaders who have denounced this assault - including Council members Yvette Clarke, Nick Perry, Gail Brewer, Charles Barron. He indicated also that the City Council was putting together a resolution to challenge the distribution of dangerous material, such as this video which singled out a particular ethnic group for its onslaught.

He referred to the fact that in Rockland county, the City Council had already introduced a resolution to ban the product; to demand that the company recall all videos sold to-date and to request that Rockstar Entertainment issue an apology and set aside funds derived from the ignominious sale of this product to educate youth against this kind of violence.

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