Asian Immigrants Protest

From World Journal

February 21, 2002

On February 20, the Coalition in Solidarity with Muslim, Arab and South Asian Immigrants organized a demonstration downtown to protest backlash against Middle Eastern and South Asian immigrants after the September 11 attacks.

Approximately 300 people joined the demonstration, demanding a stop to the arrests and scapegoating of innocent people.

Many Chinese and East Asians joined in the protest. Some Chinese protestors were concerned that the government has overreacted and has shown prejudice against Asian immigrants. They worry that following the arrests of Middle Easterners and Southeast Asians, perhaps East Asians will be the next.

Similar demonstrations were also held in 26 other United States cities. However, New York, because of its large South Asian population, was the center of this protest.

Protesters displayed the names, ages and ethnic background of those who disappeared or were arrested by the police after September 11. Some held posters that read " Brown skin is not a sin," "Muslims are not criminals," "Being an Arab is not a crime," or "1500 people were arrested. INS never revealed their names."

Translated from Chinese by Pei Chi Lin

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