Sejong Soloists Feature As Artist Of The Week In US

From Chosun Ilbo

By Kim Yong-woon

The International Sejong Soloists is a group of chamber musicians and soloists in their 20's and 30's at the Juilliard School. The members hail from seven different nations -- Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the U.S. -- and have distinguished reputations as soloists and chamber musicians in their own right. But recently the group received good news that surprised even their director, Kim Tae-ja.

The Sejong Soloists will be featured by National Public Radio for an audience of 16 million listeners later this year. The hour-long performance of the Sejong Soloists will be aired on NPR every day during the first week of October. Kim Tae-ja said that it is the first time that a chamber orchestra has been invited by the Classics Series on NPR.

The chamber ensemble was established in1995 and continues to be funded by the Samsung Culture Foundation. The ensemble was recently invited by the Japanese Society in New York to perform at the celebration of the 2002 World Cup on February 21. The group is also scheduled to perform at other events throughout the country, like the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado.

"I believe the Sejong Soloists will be the sensations of the Aspen Music Festival this year, giving Korean sponsors a good chance for publicity," said Kim Tae-ja.

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