Stop The Trash

From El Diario

February 21, 2002

Bronx Congressman Jose Serrano has asked Mayor Michael Bloomberg to forgo plans to transfer trash from Queens to the Bronx.

During a recent meeting with the mayor, Serrano reminded him that two years ago each borough had agreed to be responsible for the disposal of its own garbage.

Despite that, Serrano said he had received word from the Department of Sanitation that there was a plan for the Bronx to handle some of Queens’ trash. "This is going to cause serious problems in my community," he said, "Our waste facilities have been overused for years."

Serrano said the plan appears to reflect adjustments made to save money in light of budget constraints.But, he told the mayor, the proposal seems to make a joke of the principle that each borough should be self-sufficient when it comes to garbage. The congressman asked Bloomberg to help resolve the problem.

Serrano said he would focus his energies on the issue in hopes of finding a solution.

Translated from Spanish by Angelica Medaglia.

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