Chinese Youth Gangs in Brooklyn
From The World Journal
September 24, 2003

The Chinese teenagers involved in assaulting a group of white and Hispanic students and stabbing a 14-year-old white male in Brooklyn belong to a group youth gang called “Little Boys Crew,” or the LBC, according to the police.

The group is not considered an organized crime group but had violent fights over territory in the past. They have fought with other youth gangs in Chinatown and other parts of Manhattan, such as “Notorious Asian Crew,” or the NAC, and “The Finest,” or the TF, and its members have been arrested before.

The assault in Brooklyn, which involved more than 50 people, has drawn attention from the police in Brooklyn and Chinatown, and they are closely monitoring the group.

The police said the fight was not ignited by hate crime since some of the victims’ Chinese friends were also beat up. They believed it was merely a juvenile quarrel caused by some friction from a popular online game called “Counter-strike.” The teenagers involved in the fight were regular visitors to the Internet cafes on Eighth Avenue in Brooklyn and came from different schools.

The Little Boys Crew, a newly founded Chinese youth gang in Chinatown and Brooklyn, is made up of mostly Cantonese and Fuchownese teenagers. They are mostly recent immigrants with working-class parents who have no time to discipline them.

The police said it is difficult to estimate the number of its members since it is not a really organized gang, but believe the number is over a hundred. However, the members do not necessarily know each other and they do not use special codes or clothing to show their affiliation with the group.

The Notorious Asian Crew is by far the biggest Chinese youth gang, while the Little Boys Crew is comparable to The Finest, police said. Their members range from 12 to 25 but the majorities are middle or high school students. Although they have been involved in some violent fights, they have never robbed or threatened anyone. They are mostly involved in minor fights over girlfriends, basketball or handball courts and other trivial matters.

Another similar incident occurred earlier this year when the Little Boys Crew fought with the Notorious Asian Crew over a handball court in Chinatown. A Little Boys Crew member was seriously injured and required 40 stitches. More than 20 Notorious Asian Crew members were arrested.

The police said a popular weapon among those gang members is called “Asp.” It is an illegal weapon but can be easily found in the stores in Chinatown.

Most of the gang members met through school or through common hangout areas. They are from I.S. 131 in Chinatown, the High School of the Humanities, Wagner Middle School, Fort Hamilton High School and McKinley Junior High School in Brooklyn. Some of them are from the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School.

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Translated from Chinese by Larry Tung

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