John Liu Helps James Gennaro Win Over Asian American Voters
From The World Journal
August 23rd, 2003

Flushing Councilman John Liu crossed electoral districts yesterday to assist Councilman James Gennaro from the 24th district for reelection. The 24th district’s Asian American population is 24 percent, and James Gennaro hopes Asian Americans would continue to support him for reelection by voting in the September primary election.

The area of Queens' 24th council district includes Kew Gardens Hills, Briarwood, Electchester, Flushing Heights, Hillcrest, Jamaica Estates, Jamaica Hill, Pomonok, parts of Jamaica, and Forest Hills.

On August 22nd James Gennaro and John Liu visited local Chinese and Korean-American business owners at Union Turnpike and 168th Street. Nearby Chang Xing Supermarket’s Ms. Jiang presented James Gennaro two symbolically auspicious white radishes to wish him a smooth victory in reelection.

John Liu acknowledged that James Gennaro has had good experiences with him on several legislations, and they both have enthusiasms and devotions to serve their constituencies.

James Gennaro holds the post of Chair of the Environmental Protection Committee at the City Council. In the democratic primary on September 9th, he will face Florence Fisher and David Reich, two challengers.

James Gennaro is confident in his reelection. But he pointed out that without the district’s Asian American electors supporting him, he could not have won the election a year ago. He hopes Asian American voters will continue their support for him, so that he could do more things for the district.

John Liu’s mother-in-law, Li Su-Xin, lives in the 24th district. John Liu’s son often goes to play at the grandmother’s house. Thus, when John Liu and James Gennaro together visited those streets, most Chinese and Korean American storeowners could call out John Liu’s name, but had little impression of James Gennaro.

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Translated from Chinese by Michael Huang

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