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The database here includes all laws, important land use decisions, and significant resolutions passed by the New York City Council since January 2002. Use the search options to the right to find bills by year, topic, keyword and/or bill number. Also see how each council member voted and if the mayor signed or vetoed the legislation.

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Laws Passed Since 2002

For councilmember Vincent Ignizio
(What's Vincent Ignizio running for next?)

Vote Item Code Year
Yes 34th Street Business Act (Int 0312) 2010
Yes 421-a Revision (Intro 66) 2010
Yes A New Energy Code (Intro 564-A) 2009
Yes Abatement of Graffiti on Commercial and Residential Buildings (Intro 1042) 2009
Yes Accessible Exits During Building Abatement (Intro 1005) 2009
Yes Air Pressurized Alarm System for Standpipes (Intro 1004-A) 2009
Yes Alternate Side in Severe Weather (Intro 895) 2008
No Amicus brief: Tenants vs. landlord (Res 803) 2007
Yes Arcade Laws (Intro 853) 2009
Yes Artificial light reduction (Intro 262-A) 2010
Yes Assigning Contractor Numbers (Intro 878) 2009
Yes Backflow Prevention (Intro 935) 2009
No Ban on Open Doors with Air Conditioning (Intro 264) 2008
Yes Bed Bug Task Force (Intro 57-A) 2009
- Bicycles in Commercial Buildings (Intro 871)
Yes Bike Accident Compliation Act (Int 0374) 2011
Yes Billiard room license (Intro 577) 2007
Yes Biotechnology Tax Credit SLR 10 2009
Yes Biotechnology Tax Credit (Intro 1065) 2009
Yes Broken Meters (Intro 812) 2008
Yes Budget FY2011 (Res 323) 2010
Yes Building codes (Intro 578) 2007
Yes Business Bill of Rights (Intro 118) 2010
Yes Cab Complaints (Intro 233) 2010
Yes Cab Rate Data (Intro 235-A) 2010
- Calls on Albany to Award Contracts to Minority Owned Businesses (Res 1773)
No Campaign Finance Program (Intro 586) 2007
No Campaign Finance Restrictions (Intro 651) 2007
Yes Car share (Res 0470) 2010
- Cell Phones Allowed in Schools (Intro 351-A)
Yes Change in Unincorporated Business Tax SLR 13 2009
Yes Child Care Programs (Intro 226) 2010
Yes Children Immigration Status (Intro 4) 2010
- City Agencies Share New Rules Electronically (Intro 643)
- Clean Fuel at Street Fairs (Intro 684)
Yes Clergy Parking (Intro 662) 2009
Yes Climate Protection Act (Intro 0020) 2007
Yes Clothing collection bins (Intro 105) 2007
Yes Collecting Paint (Intro 142) 2010
Yes Commercial Bicycle Helmet Use (Intro 24-A) 2007
Yes Commercial Tax Break Penalties (Intro 860) 2008
Yes Commission on civil rights (Intro 0396) 2010
Yes Concession Areas in Parks (Intro 21-A) 2010
Yes Concurrent Performance of Demolition Work and Asbestos Abatement Activities Within the Same Building (Intro 998-A) 2009
- Coney Island Rezoning (LU 1137)
Yes Construction codes (Intro 267-A ) 2010
Yes Contracting With Women and Minority Businesses (Intro 888) 2008
Yes Court-Livingston-Schermerhorn Business Improvement District (Intro 555) 2007
Yes Crane Safety Plans (Intro 796) 2008
Yes Crane Training (Intro 794) 2008
Yes Creates Brownfields Office (Intro 21A) 2009
Yes Creation of Office of Adminstrative Tax Appeals (Intro 597-A) 2007
Yes Crime Scene Cleanups (Intro 0123-2006) 2007
Yes Cutting Standpipes (Intro 1000) 2009
Yes Daily Standpipe Inspections (Intro 999) 2009


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