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What's The Data Point? Episode 7 -- 2008, [You can download What's The Data Point? wherever you get your podcasts, including on iTunes]

For this episode of the podcast we spoke with John Breit, a CBC Trustee, PhD Physicist, and former risk adviser to Merrill Lynch and the New York City Comptroller’s Office for the pension funds. Breit had a front row view of the economic collapse of 2008 and is an expert on the city's pension system, which is an essential piece of the city's fiscal health. In our discussion, Breit helps explain the problems with the city's pension system, the major liabilities involved, and more. It's a complicated topic that New Yorkers should know about, whether you are a current or former public employee, or not.

Listen to the conversation and let us know what you think: Ben Max of GG (@TweetBenMax), Maria Doulis (@MariaDoulis) of CBC, and special guest John Breit, a trustee of CBC (@cbcny):

by Ben Max, Gotham Gazette

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