U.S. Congressional District 12

The 12th Congressional District includes Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Willamsburg, Bushwick, Sunset Park, Ridgewood, and parts of the Lower East Side.

Nydia Velazquez (Dem/WF)

Paul Rodriguez (Rep/Con)

Commentary by Nydia M. Velázquez:
Help Small Business, Not the Wealthy

Campaign Trail:

Incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Nydia Velazquez, who has sponsored and co-sponsored a variety of legislation on such topics as small business, financial services, education, environmental justice, health care, affordable housing, and crime prevention faces Republican Paul Rodriguez. Born in Puerto Rico, Velazquez is the first Hispanic woman to serve as chairperson or ranking member of a full committee. Rodriguez, 35, a stock-options trader at UBS, is running on a platform seeking more federal money for the city to help spur development and create jobs. (Downtown Express)