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Elections Update: Guardian Weighs In; The 'New' Spitzer; Queens BP Race Bickering

Polls maven Harry J. Enten of the Guardian UK takes a look at the polls in the New York races for mayor and comptroller. “For the first time in the campaign, one can easily paint a picture that would have Weiner winning both the primary and the runoff," he writes. But his conclusion about the Eiiot Spitzer-Scott Stringer Democratic primary is quite different: “I don’t think Spitzer’s lead is as strong as the top line suggests," he writes. “It should fade as Stringer becomes better known." 

In a story headlines “Meet The New Spitzer," Daily Beast writer Lloyd Grove tags along with the former governor and is there when Eliot Spitzer receives legal papers from Wall Street nemesis Maurice “Hank" Greenberg. Grove writes:

Greenberg’s lawsuit, in other words, is rich in populist potential. As the process server headed for the door, I kidded Spitzer, “Where’s your camera crew? Wouldn’t this be good for a television commercial?” At which Spitzer laughingly called out to the departing functionary, “Hey, can you come back?” Turning to me, he added, “You’re right! That would have been awesome … Awesome!

Spitzer also responds to a question about his infamous “steamroller" statement to a state legislator:

“I wish I’d never said that,” Spitzer answered, “because it created a complete misperception of what we were trying to do. We went up there [to Albany] to work with everybody.”

Gotham Gazette contributor Ross Barkan reports back about some bickering in the Queens borough president race for Politicker:

State Senator Tony Avella is accusing Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., a rival in the race for Queens borough president, of repeatedly “bullying” and “threatening” him in a push to get him to drop his bid.

“Personally, I think he’s a bully and a coward and afraid of having me on the ballot,” Mr. Avella told Politicker today, claiming Mr. Vallone has tried several times over the course of the election to get him to leave the race. “Let the chips fall where they may.”

Vallone’s camp responded:

“This is another desperate attempt by Tony Avella to get attention by spreading false accusations,” said a Vallone spokesman. “If Mr. Avella doesn’t make the ballot, it’s because his floundering campaign couldn’t get enough legitimate signatures. Those are the facts.”

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