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Immigrant City

Feb 01, 2005

  New York has always been a city of immigrants. Even the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 and the economic downturn that followed did not deter immigrants from moving to


Death Penalty

Jan 11, 2005

 Support for the death penalty was credited with electing Ed Koch mayor of New York City in 1977 and George Pataki governor in 1994, each in races with Mario Cuomo,


Immigrants' Reaction To Tsunami Disaster

Jan 07, 2005

  When the phone rang at four in the morning in his apartment in Elmhurst Queens, Pichet Rasmee feared the worst. He had just learned from the news about the tsunami


2004: Shorter Lines, Just As Much Frustration

Dec 23, 2004

Many immigrants will look back at 2004 as the year when the long lines in front of the immigration office disappeared. That is because appointments can now be made online. But


Looking On The Hopeful Side For 2005

Nov 30, 2004

To many New Yorkers who are engaged in the struggle for civil liberties, the signs lately are not so good. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, for example, sits on a subcommittee of


The Post-Convention State of Dissent in New York

Sep 09, 2004

  Although New York was the scene of the largest demonstrationprotesting a political convention in United States history on August 29, most civil libertarians saw convention week not as a triumph


Urban Issues: Civil Rights

Jul 26, 2004

Untitled Document URBAN ISSUES - CIVIL RIGHTS • Affirmative Action • Gay and Lesbian Rights • • • • • • • George W. Bush George W. Bush says that