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Citizens Union

Civil Rights

Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride

Jul 16, 2003

  More than 40 years ago Edward Culvert boarded a bus bound for the South in an effort to test President John F. Kennedy's commitment to civil rights. The mass action,


Gay Rights Advances

Jul 01, 2003

  June was, appropriately enough, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. And while it was the 34th such celebration in New York City commemorating the Stonewall Riots against police harassment


Immigrant Soldiers

May 01, 2003

Even though his coffin was draped with the American flag, U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Riayan Tejeda, 26, was not a U.S.citizen. Tejeda, who was killed in combat in Iraq, was


Subways Are Not For Everyone

Apr 21, 2003

 Frieda Zames, who uses a motorized scooter because of a bout with polio, was fed up with trying to ride city buses. Most city buses did not have wheelchair lifts -


Restricting Demonstrations

Mar 05, 2003

  Demonstrations against the impending pre-emptive war by the United States of America against Iraq marched past the Coliseum in Rome, the Houses of Parliament in London, the Place de la