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Feminist Summit

Aug 01, 2002

Rape was in the news recently in a couple of horrendous stories from Pakistan. But the crime should be making some headlines here as well. That, clearly, was the view


The State and Human Rights

Jul 01, 2002

City officials complain constantly that they cannot do what they need to do because of constraints imposed by Albany or due to a lack of legislation that only the state


The Rights Of Same-Sex Partners

Jun 24, 2002

  Larry Courtney lost his partner, Eugene Clark, in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center - and then was forced to move out of the apartment in Manhattan they


The Disabled

Jun 01, 2002

There are about 1.8 million people with disabilities in New York City, according to the 2000 census. While things have changed since the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into


The New Human Rights Commissioner

Apr 01, 2002

Patricia Gatling, the new chair of the City Commission on Human Rights, made her first appearance before the City Council's General Welfare Committee, outlining her vision for an agency that


St. Patrick's Day Parade

Feb 01, 2002

New York City has been the scene of a St. Patrick's Day parade or procession since 1762. Sometimes there have been as many as three on the same day due


The Civil Rights Agendas in 2002

Jan 01, 2002

Civil rights advocates are hopeful about the changeover in city government. They see an outgoing mayor who became involved in lawsuits on everything from the content of museum exhibits to


Immigrants Under Attack

Oct 01, 2001

  Like so many people throughout the world, Attar Singh was deeply saddened by the attacks on the World Trade Center, so the evening of September 11th, he went to a


Under Assault And On The Ballot

Oct 01, 2001

At a time when human rights concerns are on the minds of many in the city, particularly Arab Americans, the main office of the New York City Commission on Human