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Governor Signs Bill to Combat Bullying

Sep 10, 2010

Photo, office of Gov. David Paterson .Supporters celebrated Wednesday as Gov. David Paterson signed the Dignity for All Students Act. It took 10 years for the New York State legislature to pass

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Action Taken on Bullying in Schools and No-Fault Divorce

Aug 23, 2010

For more than a decade, the State Senate has resisted passing legislation to combat bullying in schools -- partly because it targeted bullying based on sexual orientation and gender identity

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Behind the Hate Crimes on Staten Island

Aug 23, 2010

Photo byThomas Good A recent rally against hate crimes on Staten island. Let’s start with this inescapable fact: If you are a Mexican immigrant living in Port Richmond on Staten Island you

The City's New Dollar Menu for Bus Riders

Aug 11, 2010

Photo (cc) 2010 Andrew Silverstein. Dollar van riders reach their destination in Jamaica Eric Simit, a Jamaican immigrant, has been driving private commuter vans, most commonly known as "dollar vans," for

The Price of Increased Surveillance

May 21, 2010

Photos by Andy Humm One of the dozens of cameras -- government and private -- that keep watch on Times Square. There are 82 police cameras and others cameras from stores trained

Council Approves Business Bill of Rights

May 13, 2010

Photo (cc) 2009 Light Snaffler The City Council offered small businesses their own version of the first amendment yesterday by requiring every city inspector give shop owners a business bill of

Haitian's Case Focuses Attention on Deportations

Jan 29, 2010

Photo (cc) CC BY-NC 2.0 Protestors rally in support of Jean Montrevil and against deportations. The campaign to free community activist Jean Montrevil, a native of Haiti, began on Dec. 30, 2009,