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Citizens Union

Civil Rights

The Citizen

Dec 08, 2008

  Left Photo (cc) Richard Rodriguez, Right photo (cc) achang999 New York's immigrant communities greeted the election of Sen. Barack Obama as president with a mix of elation, anticipation and curiosity. The


Advancing Rights

Dec 01, 2008

  With the election of Barack Obama as president and increased Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, civil liberties groups are chomping at the bit to restore constitutional rights compromised


Immigrants Confront the Recession

Nov 03, 2008

Photo (cc) Joel Mann Fong Oi Kan wishes that she only worked five days a week. But in the midst of the worst economy in decades, she said she has to


The Citizen

Sep 29, 2008

  With candidates already campaigning for the 2009 municipal elections, some residents who are not citizens want to play a more active role. This week, we report on the latest effort


A New Push to Let Non-Citizens Vote

Sep 29, 2008

Photo Jean Marc Grambert / ivotenyc.org. Earlier this month, dozens of protesters, many wearing facemasks emblazoned with the word "Voiceless," gathered on the steps of City Hall. Organized by the New


The Citizen

Aug 27, 2008

Photo (c) redxdress A bakery in Brigton Beach, home to a large Russian community. New York's immigrant community can now expect city agencies to speak their language. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has signed Executive


English Learners Left Behind

Aug 18, 2008

Photo (c) Pictures by Ann In a city where more than 170 languages are spoken and over a third of residents are foreign-born, scores of New York public school students struggle


The State of Civil Liberties

Jul 29, 2008

Photo (cc) Genocide Intervention Network The 2006 Save Darfur Rally in Central Park drew over 30,000 people. Central Park holds a special place in the history of civil liberties and protest


Language Barrier Begins to Fall at City Hospitals

Jul 22, 2008

Photo (cc) anuarsalleh By and large, hospital communication services have improved for patients who speak languages other than English. A trip to the hospital poses challenges for everyone -- stressful conditions, baffling