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English Learners Left Behind

Aug 18, 2008

Photo (c) Pictures by Ann In a city where more than 170 languages are spoken and over a third of residents are foreign-born, scores of New York public school students struggle


The State of Civil Liberties

Jul 29, 2008

Photo (cc) Genocide Intervention Network The 2006 Save Darfur Rally in Central Park drew over 30,000 people. Central Park holds a special place in the history of civil liberties and protest


Language Barrier Begins to Fall at City Hospitals

Jul 22, 2008

Photo (cc) anuarsalleh By and large, hospital communication services have improved for patients who speak languages other than English. A trip to the hospital poses challenges for everyone -- stressful conditions, baffling


Puffing Up Marijuana Charges

Jun 06, 2008

Photo (cc) Incognito Much has been written about statistics showing that police "stop-and-frisks" in New York City are directed primarily at young African American and Latino males, but until now


Protecting Incarcerated Gay and Lesbian Youth

Jun 04, 2008

Photo (cc) Ryan Godfrey Young New Yorkers who are defined by themselves or others as LGBTQ - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning their identity - are often at risk


Reversing the Tide Against Protest

Apr 17, 2008

Photo (cc) Brendan Themes The proposed First Amendment Assembly Act would be a reversal of some of NYPD's 2003 RNC-related restrictions. New York has long prided itself as a place of protest,


Document Jam Could Keep Immigrants from Voting

Apr 10, 2008

Photo (cc) Jay Davis for the Korean Resource Center To many immigrants, the right to vote in the United States represents the full realization of their American dreams and a


Taking a New Look at Discrimination in New York

Mar 29, 2008

Gotham Gazette image by Ya-Hsuan Huang Last month, New York City paid $21 million to settle a class action lawsuit for race-based employment practices in the city Department of Parks and