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A White City Council

Aug 01, 2001

(August '01) For all the talk of the spectacular diversity in the hundreds of citizen-candidates this year, the truth is that there will be little change in the complexion of


Counting Gay New York

Jul 01, 2001

The U.S. Census reported last month that New York City has at least 25,906 gay households, a threefold increase since 1990. This would translate into about 52,000 gay New Yorkers,


Politics And The Undercount

May 01, 2001

New York City has more people living here than ever before. The census found eight million New Yorkers. But there were many it missed -- probably 136,000. We know this thanks


False Facts About Census 2000

Apr 01, 2001

  There were three things that New Yorkers learned about themselves from the first data to come out of the 2000 Census: New York City, now eight million, grew rapidly during the


Census Bureau Finds 830,000 "Extra" New Yorkers

Jan 01, 2001

The U.S. Census Bureau released the first results from Census 2000 recently, and the numbers are surprising. Between 1990 and 2000 New York State appears to have grown by almost


The Census

Dec 01, 2000

The United States Census Bureau has been capably and professionally carrying out its assignment to survey the population every ten years since 1790. Indeed the requirement for some form of


Census Slackers

Jun 01, 2000

From now through early July, a veritable army of temporary workers will be reaching out to the households of those New Yorkers the Census Bureau didn't hear from in the


New Vacancy Survey Data

May 01, 2000

With the economy booming, more of the City's residents are employed are than ever. But there is still the nagging question of how well they are doing. We know that


Welfare Reform's Aftermath

Mar 01, 2000

  In 1996, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) was reluctantly signed into law by President Clinton. PRWORA, welfare reformÕs rightful name, was overwhelmingly endorsed by a conservative


In The News: Looking Ahead

Jan 01, 2000

It will soon be that time of the decade again. In Spring 2000, the census enumerators will be making their appointed rounds gathering information needed to gauge the changes in